Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Ho.Mobile is preparing the attack on the match with incredible offers

The second Vodafone brand better known as ho.mobile is definitely aimed at gaining new customers. To make this happen in the best way, many interesting mobile phone offers have been published that contain a great deal of minutes and very good prices.

In relation to tenders are invited I. 5.99 and hou. 8.99, both can be activated in the official retailers and through the official website of the telephone operator. For these two offers, ho.mobile has decided to embed an operator attack business strategy and therefore not all customers can switch operators.

Both offer 70 and 50 GB for less than 10 €

These offers include targeted activation and for this reason we advise you to read the target audience carefully before you buy.

the offer I. 5.99 provides unlimited minutes of contact with any national landline mobile number, unlimited text messages to all national numbers and well 70 gigabytes to surf the Internet. The price to face each month is 5.99 euros, reduced price instead of paying € 12.99 monthly. Activation is targeted at customers belonging to Iliad, Fastweb, Poste Mobile and other MVNOs, with the exception of Kena Mobile and Daily Telecom.

The other offer, I. 8.99 includes unlimited minutes to communicate with all national numbers, unlimited text messages for all is 50 giga for 4G data traffic. The monthly price is from 8.99 euros and can be purchased by Kena Mobile and Daily Telecom customers. From what we know, there are also customers who decide to activate a new number.

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