Thursday , September 24 2020

High water Venice, new tide alarm. Stopped for a year for mortgages


WENNES – Alert day for a new super-district in the late morning: water is expected to be 160 centimeters above sea level. Another difficult day if the forecasts are respected. Emergency procedures, meanwhile, are under way, with the signing of a civil protection order granting Mayor Luigi Brunjaro the role of commissioner delegate, to use the 20m euros already earmarked by the government to be split off payments. 5,000 euros to private individuals and 20,000 euros to companies under the scheme outlined by Prime Minister Conte. Bruniaro will need 40 days to draft the plan, be able to turn away from the Code of Public Contracts, and in a few days make the forms available to the Venetians to report major damages. The order confirms the suspension of mortgage payments for one year.

And also a contribution – from 400 euros to 900 euros a month depending on family unit members – for those who found the house unusable because of the tide and would find an independent living arrangement. Senate President Maria Elizabeth Casellati and Interior Minister Luciana Lamorsse arrived in the city today, along with Civil Protection chief Angelo Borrelli, to bring solidarity to the Venetians and police and fire brigades. "At the moment there is no need for controversy, in such a situation, political differences must disappear and there should be only interest in Venice," the interior ministry chief said.

However, some signs of dispute, after the flood of San Marco's many political 'passages', occurred in the city: on the Rialto Bridge activists of the 'Friday for the Future' movement put up a banner saying: "From Venice to Matera, enough and with the arrival of the Senate President in Roma Square, another small protest was organized by a group of fifteen protesters, equipped with shovels and high water boots.

Moments of joy, instead, gave Venice the presence of Roberto Mancini's team, fresh from yesterday's success in Bosnia. A delegation comprised of Federal President Gabriele Gravina, delegation head Iianluca Viali and goalkeeper Gianluigi Donarumama left for the city center on Tuesday to visit solidarity after an exceptionally high water on Tuesday. "On behalf of the whole team, we are close to the city of Venice and we are sending a big hug to everyone," said Donarumama, from the San Marco Pizza Center, still covered in tides.

But now Venice's approach is focused on what might happen today. The weather leaves a little glitter: it will last for long, up to 18 hours, and will be such that it will reach two maximum points, with a minimum peak in the middle, which will never fall below a meter. In essence, Venice will remain submerged until this afternoon. "The tide will remain at a very high level for a few days," says the Centro del Komuna site, which forecasts peaks above the gauge by Tuesday, reading later on the phenomenon weakening.

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Carlo Verdeli

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