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Here's how to activate Vodafone Special Unlimited for 7 euros a month with 50 gigs, unlimited minutes and text messages – MondoMobileWeb.it | Telephony offer

Tariff offer Vodafone Special Unlimited, that offers unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 Giga to 7 euros per month, continues to be available in the second half of November 2019 to different sales channels, it's in i Vodafone Shops supporters, through SMS return message and some call center.

Vodafone Special Unlimited

In detail, Vodafone Special Unlimited it includes unlimited minutes on calls to all national numbers, Unlimited SMS to all national numbers e 50 Giga Internet in 2G, 3G and 4G up to 600 Mbps download, all at the cost of 7 euros per month.

The new client will have SIM as the basic plan Vodafone 25, that from October 21, 2019 provides a monthly fee from 1.99 euros, what will it be charged only if the main offer is inactive for at least minutes and Giga is included. Therefore, as long as the Special Unlimited remains active, the Vodafone 25 fee will not be charged.

It will still be possible, as told by MondoMobileWeb, change the default SIM plan with No shooting new, a base rate that does not include monthly fees, however.

Please also note that, as expected, which launches a mobile network offering, both in the Attack operator and crisis versions, and has a fixed subscription for active or active network, available from September 4, 2019 Family Giga, the option for convergence a fixed mobile that allows you to get one up to 100 Gigas per month on each mobile number the price of which is charged to the fixed network account.

If the customer chooses new Infinito offers with unlimited Giga, there are monthly discounts.

For more details on the Giga Family mechanism, please consult the detailed section.

Therefore, during this period, the offer called Vodafone Special Unlimited 7 can be activated either in the version Operator attack in Vodafone participating stores, which in version winback if you receive the message "Return to Vodafone" or by phone call from the call center.

Vodafone Store

As for the version Operator attack on Vodafone Special Unlimited, this is available to new communication in participating traders, to the exhaustion of Tasks interior, and only for some incoming clients from certain operators.

Specifically, the offer that is full Vodafone Special Unlimited at a price of 7 euros per month can only be activated if you come by Iliad and Virtual Operators Optima Mobile, Daily Telecom and British Telecom.

As of November 5, 2019, as already anticipated in the review, in the "Operator Attack" version there is a activation fee of 12 euros, what you will need add costs for a new SIM with a first-time commitment simultaneously with activation, which may vary at the seller's discretion.

Back to Vodafone

Picture of repertoire. The latest deadline is October 23, 2019.

Furthermore, during this time, Vodafone sends weekends to some formerly selected clients who abandoned the trade agreement of SMS return message to activate Special Unlimited for 7 euros per month.

In the moment, as told by MondoMobileWeb, the latest SMS message sent by Vodafone envisages activation of the offer until November 20, 2019, except for further revisions, by going to one of Vodafone Shops supporters.

Here is an example of one of posts sent to some former Vodafone customers:

Return to Vodafone! Just for you 50 Giga in 4G, unlimited minutes and SMS all for just 7 euros a month. The activation price is FREE! Come to our stores till 20.11.2019 to activate the offer. Details and costs voda.it/wb9

For several months, Vodafone's SMS campaigns also include a link to a dedicated page on the Vodafone website that, in addition to reporting on the name and characteristics of the tender, summarizes the minimum initial costs support and also allows you to locate the nearest store where to activate the offer.

on activation fee on Special Unlimited Offer 7 is in promotion for 0 euros instead of 6 euros for those who receive the link message voda.it/wb9. Instead, who receives the SMS with the link voda.it/wb8 may activate the refund offer with a activation fee of 6 euros.

on the price of SIM is 10 euros with 5 euros traffic included, then minimum starting price support is from 15 euros including must first be up at least 5 euros to cover the 7 euros of the previous month. The amount of the first top-up is by retail distribution and may be higher.

Vodafone Special Unlimited expected by default residual credit fee, but it may be possible to request a monthly renewal of your current account or credit card.

And in Operator Attack and winback versions, when activated in Vodafone stores, some retailers will also recommend buy a new smartphone in installments.

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finally, as stated in a review by MondoMobileWeb, as of September 30, 2019 it is possible to activate the offer Vodafone Special Unlimited at a price of 7 euros per month also through some Call Centers.

In this case, the offer is offered in version winback to some former Vodafone customers, coming in particular from iliad, Fastweb, 3 and from any virtual carrier, with the exception of Zhou. Mobile, semivirtual the red operator.

In these cases, these are limited bids for the release of they do not offer all Call Centers and can be changed at any time. In fact, any call center can have it various offers to bid former clients contacted and there are limits, on the contrary, to the percentage of contracts concluded.

Therefore, some customers who have previously left the trade agreement may be contacted to activate the Vodafone special unlimited number with free SIM, free activation and first month included if you can get free shipping by courier.

Alternatively, you can purchase the offer through the Call Center and request it SIM withdrawal from Vodafone dealer. In this case, however, you will have to pay the price of the new SIM. In addition, in this second case the first month is not included.

However, it is possible to pay for SIM, activation and the first month to ask even if the shipment chooses a courier.

With responsibility for credit balance, in case of negative credit, the client will have unlimited calls and internet access for 24 hours, but will pay 0.99 euros more after the first useful supplement. If the loan remains insufficient for an additional 24 hours will be charged an additional 0.99 euros, for a total of 1.98 euros.

On the other hand, no price is expected as long as the automatic renewal payment is active.

on minutes included they are on all national mobile and landline numbers, counted on real seconds of calls and free of charge. The included data traffic is considered a single KB consumable.

The unused Giga at the end of the month cannot be combined with those awarded for subsequent renewal. Special offer can be deactivated at any time, but can no longer be reactivated. You can use your smartphone as a hotspot at no extra cost.

If the data traffic threshold included in the SIM is exceeded link blocked only when deactivated 1 GB storage; otherwise, the customer pays 2 euros in advance for every 200 Mega until the offer is renewed and up to a maximum of 10 euros for 1 Giga.

Vodafone customers who manage to activate this offer will automatically activate additional services 1 GB storage, Vodafone Secure Network and Vodafone + smart passport.

At any time the client can Deactivate these services through the MyVodafone app, Toby's Digital Assistant or by calling toll free 42070 or customer service on 190 of your SIM rechargeable SIM card.

The service Secure network for Vodafone's new customers free for the first month, then a 1.49 euros monthly. Roaming option Vodafone + smart passport offers 60 minutes, of which 30 are in and 30 out, and 500 MB per day for 3 euros in Switzerland, Turkey, Albania, Monaco, San Marino and the United States of America only in case of use.

Note that you bid for telephone managers over time it may be subject to unilateral changes. In these cases, Vodafone notifies the client one month in advance, as required by current legislation. Furthermore, bids are limited so activation conditions can be changed at any time.


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