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he became infected with it. “I loved you like a son”


“Hello my brother, I loved you like a son”. A few words, full of pain, published Iva Zanici on Instagram who posted the death of his brother Antonio. The reason seems to be Covid, the same one that hit the famous singer and TV presenter last week.

It was Iva Zaniki, speaking to La Stampa, who made that statement “The virus entered the house and infected us all with the confirmation of my sister’s nephew” and he said she was better, but the brothers were infected and admitted they were worried about her brother still hospitalized and heart disease.

Iva Zanici managed to recover after the reception. “At first I had bad bones, fever – he said in an interview with Libero, vomiting his experience – The doctor decided to treat me at home. The oximeter was good, 95. After two days I catch a cold that I can not breathe. Coincidentally, this hyena boy, Alessandro Politi, is calling me to work. He says to me: “But Iva, you do not speak well, you go to the hospital on a CT scan.” She insists: “You are like a mother, I made an appointment for you.” “Save my life.”

After healing, during discharge, Zanici wanted to thank the health care staff who cared for her in her own way. He did it through a video posted on Instagram accompanied by a post: “I left the hospital, I go home, I wanted to thank them, because they are not only heroes, they are also professionals. They make great sacrifices and never stop! I wish you all the best !!!! And I also thank everyone for the wonderful messages I have received these days. “Pay attention, kiss.”


“IVA darling, how sad ….. to hear this news. I am close to you with all my affection and I hold you in my arms ». Cristiano Maljoogo’s is one of the first comments to appear under Iva Zanici. But there are so many – friends, colleagues and fans of the singer, who leave the thought of the sad loss of their brother. “Iva, a loving hug. “Antonio travels, easily, to the harbor of peace”, writes Monica Seta. “I am close to you,” Francesca Bara added.

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