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Giro Di Marcio "Immortal" Alive: "So No One Kills"

Giro Di Marcio is alive. And it all starts again from that shot, which brother Brother Genny Savastano was forced to shoot in the chest, on a ship in the middle of the sea on a black night in Naples. The sensational novelty, revealed by the trailer for the film "Immortals," suffocates the ranks of fans of the character played by Marko Damore, who never resigned until his tragic departure from the stage, and completely shakes the Gomorrah series. At the end of season three, Cyrus' life sacrifice to protect his childhood friend from retaliation for Blue Blood's ally seemed to end the match, leaving Geneni to repent and repent of his criminal logic. Now the film, written and directed by D'Amore, released on December 5 in theaters, nullifies the perspective and opens new narrative threads.

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Immortal's body sinks into the dark waters of the Gulf of Naples, but the man is still breathing. In the trailer posted by Jan Page you can hear his messenger: "In life you can't be afraid of anything, not even dying." And then you see him on stretchers, or on an operating table, stained with blood and the same beige leather jacket wearing the grand finale, as he knows who comments in the foreground of his suffering face: «Then it's exactly what no one says, Immortal it doesn't kill him. "

What will happen after those distressed moments, if Giro Di Marzio does indeed manage to escape and get back on his feet, or if these images relate to a kind of dramatic blink of his dead mind, we still cannot say for sure. But everything indicates that Immortality has returned to return "what is his," as the Gomorrah sections say. The same D & # 39; Omorus, without spoiling anything, however specified that his film of Giro's childhood would serve as a bridge between the fourth series and the next (aired next spring in the sky). It's not a transcript, but a story in its own right, understandable even to those who have never seen a fantasy episode sold around the world: "For the first time, cinema and television will talk," he said, "our work will set a precedent."

And that's why. In the frenetic mounting of the trailer, here is Giro, a kid, the same hooded sweater, the same burning eyes. From the story made by Nyeni Savastano with blue blood it is known that the day of the dead was born, the only survivor of the collapse of a building on the outskirts of Naples during the November 23, 1980 earthquake. An orphan in twenty-one days. Predestined Interpretation by Usuzep Aijelo, a ten-year-old talent from Scampia. Again Marco D'Amoy: "Getting into it was like meeting a whole kid. Scampia Superbambino. He has the qualities and the melancholy to know that, in certain dreams, he will have to abdicate: and that is not acceptable. Because as soon as you put these kids in touch with beauty, you will see the changes. " Watching his work, the actor-director was twelve years away from Naples: "I went back to filming Gomorrah and came across the children, who are precisely the mirror of the city. They have the vitality, the spring intelligence, the capacity to be in the world and get away from the problems in my life that move me. Think of the line from Robert De Niro in the Bronx movie: How sad the wasted talent is. And in many cases it is so … ». The little Giro in the trailer is like that. Crushed, marginal, crude. And so it grows, without ransom, climbing into the criminal hierarchies, ready for anything and any party, carrying with it an indelible wound. This can be seen in the trailer. We see a dead man walking first on smuggling routes and then trading in narcotics, driving the shadows of deals to new Eastern European squares, and about the last tenth of another war in the Camorra.

Like Gyro Immortal, Marko D & # 39; Ogo brought to the screen a key figure of that powerful advance in the contradictions of the city that is the story of "Gomorrah", which makes it a figure of Scythian complexity. Now he ties the strings, without fear of confrontation, once again, with the heavy connection between the chronicle and its dramaturgical representation. The characters of "Gomorrah" lead a life of disgust and eventually die. It works like this. But Cyrus is about to return, and this promises to be a no-brainer as in the case of Jonathan Snow of "Sword Throne." Cyrus returns, probably, because the real condemnation of certain lost lives is to live that life.


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