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GameStopZing, Black Friday with discounts up to 70% on many games and consoles –

GameStopZing can not miss the appeal with Black Friday, which starts today and lasts a whole week with a proposal discounts up to 70% to many games and consoles, even very recent and highly sought after products.

Last, Black Friday in GameStop, from 23 to 30 November (from today until the 27th new offers will be added, and then until the 30th all will be available on the Internet) and includes numerous offers in all sectors: consoles, video games and gadget various, of which we can see a wide selection already on the official page dedicated to the initiative.

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As for the games PS4, for example, we find Watch Dogs: Legion al price from 42.59 euros with 40% discount on the original price, Red Dead Redemption 2 in a package with 25 gold bars (of course in the game) for 28.78 euros and really very special package for FIFA 21, which also contains the Ultimate Luma uniform in two variants, at a price of 79.97 euros.

But there are also Mafia: Definitive Edition with 30.98 euros and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s Time Time with 49.69 euros, just to give other examples, while various packages and offers related to PS4 consoles are expected for the 27th November.

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On the front Xbox One, we find on package One S with Gears 5 and other games from 219.98 euros, Xbox One X with Gears 5 from 349 euros and Xbox One X with The Division 2 from 349 euros, while the front games have various titles for Xbox Series X | С. with a discount, such as Gears Tactics with € 35.49, WRC 9 with € 30.49 and Watch Dogs: Legion with € 42.59, just to get it.

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Nintendo Switch comes with its own a special edition dedicated to Fortnite at 299.98 euros, while the Nintendo Switch Lite e on sale at a price of 189.98 euros as much as the period for Black Friday. They also have no shortage of gaming opportunities: there is a special 25% discount on titles first party Nintendo as a Pokémon match of 45.79 euros, the same price for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Luigi Mansion 3 and many others.

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The possibility of book Super Mario 3D World + Rage of Bauser al promotional price of 49.98 euros, with an announcement scheduled for February 12, 2021. There are also many offers in the computer sector and obviously related to the equipment used, so we refer you to the special GameStopZing page dedicated to Black Friday to find out more.

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