Tuesday , February 25 2020
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fusion around the corner, but with whom?

on merger of UBI Bank with another credit institution it can be a matter of several months.

The group will play a leading role in banking risk next year, according to Milan Finaza.

2020 can really be the perfect time for aggregation for a variety of reasons. The merger of UBI Bank could open the door to a real wave of mergers.

UBI Bank Merger: Why Really You?

2020, the quoted economic newspaper continued, will prove to be a particularly fruitful year for aggregations, and this for two specific reasons:

  • the increasing pressure on incomes to be put in the context of low rates that are still long;
  • the gusts coming from different players in the market.

The merger of UBI Banca could be the first in a long series. In addition, the group now enjoys a strategic geographical position, as well as an advantage in terms of financial strength and size.

Fusion, yes, but with whom?

He may be among the potential interested in aggregation with the group of Victor Masia Banco BPMborn from the merger between Banco Popolare and Popolare di Milan.

The merger with UBI Bank, rumors continued, could begin to shape after Unipole Bank's integration.

Neither the references to MPS although in this case the rumors appeared less vigorous.

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