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from bean soup to light chopsticks

Diabetes, a diet to prevent it: from bean soup to light cappuccino

From Apulian beans and chicory to Florentine bean and cabbage soups, from Milan-style pumpkin soup to light Sicilian arachnids and capone: it's a true Italy tour of the table with strictly diabetic recipes. triumphant taste and Mediterranean diet, the one proposed by the Italian Diabetes Association (Syd) on the occasion of World Diabetes Day celebrated on November 14th. "The idea behind this initiative – explains Agostino Conzoli, the newly elected President Sid – is to gather regional recipes that teach healthy but at the same time good food. Because aphorism "if it is good, little is old news".

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And for some of them, President Sid Francesco Purello points out, "we are developing some real video recipes with the help of star chefs, to propose to the wider public on social media to maximize the spread of this pleasant message of prevention." Ideal diet for the prevention and treatment of people with diabetesdiabetologists explain, provide a diet high in fiber (from vegetables, fruits, unrefined grains) and poor in animal fat, while the most preferred sources of carbohydrates are whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables. Furthermore, moderate alcohol intake of up to 10 grams per day for women and 20 grams per day for men is acceptable except for obese subjects or those with high triglyceride levels. However, there is no scientific evidence on the usefulness of administering vitamin D to vitamin supplements, and even the use of dietary supplements for diabetics is not supported by scientific evidence.

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"Nutrition – underlines Giorgio Sesti, president of the Diabetes and Research Foundation – is one of the top priorities in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. The goal is not only to improve glycemic control and other cardiac risk factors – but also to reduce cardiovascular diseases. " However, experts warn of new diets: «The scientific evidence available does not allow us to evaluate – warns Sesti – the long-term effects of a vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic and paleolithic diet on type 2 diabetes and its complications. On the other hand, the Mediterranean diet, based on a diet high in fiber, vegetables, fruits and unrefined grains and fats in animal fat, has been extensively studied, demonstrating its benefits to both diabetes control and cardiovascular risk » . So adherence to the Mediterranean food model, the expert concludes, "reduces the incidence of diabetes by 52% compared to a low-fat diet."

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