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from 2007, a great battuta


Gennaro Gattuso, coach from Milan and the excitement of Juvwentus CR7. LaPresse-AFP

Gennaro Gattuso, coach from Milan and the excitement of Juvwentus CR7. LaPresse-AFP

How many smiles for Juventus against Milan. Since returning in Serie A from bianconeri, from 2007-2008, several teams managed to score points against them, especially since the construction of the stadium, decisive for the attack lasting until today. Among the biggest names in our league, the worst was Milan, of which even 45 points in the Juventus office in total 66, one more than the Roma, 5 more than Inter. Napoli, however, since 2007 has questioned Bianconeri in Serie A, winning 28 points out of 69 available. These are data that once again underline the superiority of Juventus in Italy, on the other hand Milan is the favorite victim of recent times.

The last draw between the two teams in the league reaches 25 February 2012, the famous 1-1 goal San Siro, and not the goal Muntari. Since then, 12 comparisons, including 10 wins for Juventus and only two for Milan, with up to 20 goals, and only 8 with Juventus. The only – as well as the last – Rossoneri smiles are coming back to November 2012 and October 2016, both with a score of 1-0 (the first signed by Robinho for punishment, the other Locatelli with a beautiful shot from the outside). Of course, excluding success in the Doha penalties in the Italian Cup.

Taking into account all competitions, since 2007 the percentage of Juventus wins against Milan is even higher. If it reaches 63.6% in the league, including Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana, it increases to 65.5%, which is a slight difference that further highlights the difference between the two teams: 29 general games, 19 wins by Bianconeri, 6 from Rossoneri and only 4 draws. The difference between Inter, Naples and Rome is even clearer; only in the Giallorossi this percentage exceeds 50% of the won victories. Several triumphs in Milan are concentrated when Juventus survived the period of difficulty between 2009 and 2011, but by the end there was no history. Balance on the bench Gattuso v Allegri up to now has 2 k.o. in so many matches, with as many as 7 lost gates and only one in the game (Bonucci in the stadium). "Ringhio" is looking for the first points in a direct fight, but against the very fast Juve and the additional CR7 the goal is even more difficult.

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