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Fortnite, Milan Gateway Cup 2019 Biplane Cup Results

First edition of Bomber Bomber Cup, the first tournament with an official license of Fortnite, this weekend is over Milan Week of Games 2019. The contest was won by Stra Jaaiba, who outperformed 55 other finalists. Here are all the details:

Selection for the tournament finals, made in collaboration with PG Esport, held during the 4 Open Qualifiers on the Internet, September 11-12 and September 18-19, respectively, in which the first 4 Grand Finalists and last chance qualifiers live in Milan last week, divided into 4 qualifying matches who selected an additional 40 finalists.

The four winners of the Open Qualifications along with the 40 finalists qualified for the final chance joined the Grand Final with 12 other players invited among the most important pro players on the Italian stage. More than 600 players took part in the tournament, starting with the qualifying sessions. More than 2000, on the other hand, registration requirements testify to the success of the tournament.

To win the trophy from the first season of the Gillette Bomber Cup, ul. Ibaaiba. Illillet supports eSport because he believes that the proposed values ​​are the same as those associated with traditional sports such as passion, sacrifice and team spirit. For this reason, it launched the Gillette Bomber Cup to support and spread the values ​​and culture of eSport in Italy.

"We are lucky to have made our official debut in the incredible world of eSport," said Nenaro D'Ambrosio, assistant manager of the Ilet brand. "Among many young people, video games are no longer seen as a mere pastime, but for work with many trainings, studies and discipline like traditional sports, values ​​that the brand firmly believes in. It is therefore supportive of supporters and professionals alike. we consider it a full-fledged sports category. Congratulations to the winner! "

Next October meeting on the occasion of Luke Comic! The battle for a new qualification for the Cup Bomber Cup continues in the next edition. Stay up to date!

Below are some pictures of the event.

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