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Fonjini-Pospisil 6-7 (5), 4-3 without interruption in 2nd set – OA Sport


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30-15 Pospisil Piece Service and Fognini Response Online.

15-15 straight into the Fabio network, which loses a great chance for a prolonged exchange.

0-15 Double Pursuit on Pospisil.

A zero Fonjini maintains the serve and goes 4-3 in the second set. Now it will be the Canadian who wins the first half to go and serve. There were no breaks in the second faction.

40-0 Fabio central act.

30-0 Fontaine's acceleration to the front line was great.

15-0 out of Pospisil's backhand answer.

3-3 in the second set, a backhand into the Fonjini net and another negative play. Ligurian goes to service.

40-0 Fonjini's answer is long in the center of Pospisil.

30-0 Another Fabio mistake that also suffers from a back injury in this second set.

15-0 Inverted back into Fonini's net, a bit lazy in this case with legs.

Fabio Ace, who takes care of the service and goes 3-2 in the second set. The Canadian will now go to battle.

40-15 great depth with reverse direction for Ionians and out of the way of Pospisil.

30-0 Great first down in the center of Foggini and has nothing to do with a back-up for Pospisil.

15-0 Good first in the league and Pospisil's net shot.

2-2 in the second set, a service to Pospisil's body and a meaningless response to Ioannina. Blue will serve.

40-30 Does not keep Fonjini in response to the first part of Pospisil's piece.

30-30 Double foul by the Canadian.

30-15 Another one in the center of Pospisil that keeps waiting.

15-15 Great game on Pospisil's net and nothing to do.

0-15 An excellent short ball by Ionini, which surprises Pospisil.

He decides with a service and volleyball Fontaine and leads 2-1 in the 2nd set, but not without suffering. Ensign goes to serve.

Fognini piece service that puts Pospisil in trouble and advantage.

40-40 Pospisil's Passante on a net game not played by the Blue.

Vantagio Fonini, still heavy for the forehand of the Ligurian and another ball 2-1 in 2 sets.

40-40 Double foul by Fonjini.

Vantagjo Fonjini, directly from the Canadian, but seems to always have the initiative.

40-40 Directly in the Pospisil network, which still seems to have a different exchange rate.

Advantage Postpill, Fonjini cannot control the Canadian's forehand.

40-40 Excellent rear side of Pospisil that also rises from the bottom.

Advantage Fonjini, a little time for a Canadian backhand response.

Sospiel's 40-40 short ball, again, with Ioannina far behind.

40-30 Excellent first in the middle of Foggini and 2-1 in the 2nd set.

30-30 Good attack with the anomalous Fohnini forehand.

15-30 Loses control with the reverse Ioannina.

15-15 Fonjini sprayer comes out straight.

15-0 out of the Canadian crossover straight Possipil always pushing.

Great game in Pospisil's net, on the line, and 1-1 in the second set. Fonjini to serve.

40-30 Service Pospisil piece and does not affect Fonjini with forehand.

30-30 Other aggressive Foghini forehands on the right side of the Pospisil field.

30-15 Great forehand attack for Fonjini and the late Canadian.

30-0 Powerful directly to the Canadian and beyond the Fonini defense.

15-0 Smash played great from Pospisil on good first downs.

1-0 for Fonjini who started well in the 2nd set, now Pospisil goes to the service.

40-15 Pospisil's direct cross that always tries to make him happy.

30-15 Along the right path of Pospisil in the extended exchange.

A 15-15 short ball is superbly played by the Canadian, also because Fonjini plays too far.

Pospisil's 15-0 forehand is stopped by the recording.

Fonjini opens the second set of service.

Back in the net from Fonjini and the first set given to Pospisil 7-6 (5). Really very sorry for the Ligurian.

5-6 straight from Pospisil, but now the Canadians can close the first set with the service. Warning!

4-6 Pospisil's excellent crossover reverse that surprises Ionini and two set-points for him.

4-5 beautiful this time Foggini's response with a forehand played on the wrong Pospisil net. The blue ones will now serve.

3-5 Answer Fonjini's answer in a second impossible from Canadian …

3-4 Good first downtown Fonini, but the Canadian is up front and will have two services.

2-4 Fontaine plays too short and Pospisil takes advantage of that, sinks in and finds a new mini-break.

2-3 Restore the Fujini mini-break, with a good direct response. But now Ligurian must absolutely get two points for the service.

1-3 Other backhand in Fonjini's network in trouble right now.

1-2 min advantage for Pospisil, wrong wrong than Ligurian.

1-1 First on Fonjini's body and a Canadian mistake.

0-1 Very Pospisil deep crossover and great network closure. Foilers of service.

Backhand is completely wrong on the Canadian side and so we go for a tie-break.

40-15 Directly beautiful line of Ligurian and two balls of 6-6.

30-15 Great right in front of Ioannina.

15-15 Response Back to the Postcard Line.

15-0 Outside of Possesil's attack, which as always forces the trade.

Thus, Pospisil is saved by giving up three break points and reaching the intersection. 6-5 for him in the 1st set and Fonjini will serve to stay in the half.

Advantage of Pospisil, a deep attack on the Canadian and nothing to do with Fabio.

40-40 Excellent response by Fonjini with front row in the second of Pospisil.

Advantage of Pospisil which still finds a great first in the middle.

40-40 NOO! Ionini's bad mistake with the reverse of Pospisil's second.

30-40 Another central first and what to do for Fonjini.

15-40 External Ace of Pospisil.

0-40 TWO YES! The network betrayed the Canadians and three opportunities for a break for Ioannina.

0-30 However, in the long exchange, the reverse is delivered by Pospisil.

0-15 along the path of Pospisil that still surpasses this shot.

Incredible Ioannina with a waving forehand and 5-5 in the first set. Now the Canadian will serve.

40-30 Very good Ioannina to come on the net and with a counterbalance ball brings home the point.

30-30 Answer to the line with Pospisil's forehead.

30-15 Still too long for Pospisil, who is trying to break free from the trade.

Fontaine's 15-15 forehand ends due to an unfortunate lane.

15-0 Wrong backfield Pospisil still in the trade.

Deep right on Pospisil who runs the service and goes 5-4 in 1 set. The blue will be used to stay in the partial.

40-30 Piece Spice and Fonjini cross service directly.

30-30 Still disperse the direct Pospisil of the deep attack on Ioannina.

30-15 Pospisil Central Christmas Tree.

15-15 Widespread sideways Pospisil that does not take long exchanges.

15-0 Pospisil maintains a good clock on the net, despite Fonjini's excellent pass.

He keeps Fabio on the line, great play with a backhand at the back and Pospisil's trenches on the net. 4-4 in 1 set and Pospisil goes to service.

40-0 in the maneuver Pospisil sends him straight again.

30-0 Ace in the center of Fonini.

15-0 Another mistake straight from Pospisil that didn't find the size of the shot.

Pospisil's flip page goes away and it's there! Canada is up 4-3 in the first set, but Fonjini can even arrange a deal with the service.

30-40 Rishi Scribes the second, finding Fonjini's order and answer.

Fonjini's spectacular cross-backing shines brightly. Two balls on the counter.

15-30 From the correct Ionian cross which in this exchange is too much off the ground.

0-30 straight up in Pospisil's net to Fonjini's weightless response.

0-15 Bravo Fonjini in the net for exchanging close values ​​and playing with a back baby, finds the corner well.

Pospisil's long direct attack and 4-2 for the Canadian in this first set to serve.

40-15 Fonjini's fourth double foul, which really does too much.

40-0 An excellent counterbalance by Fonjini and nothing to do for Pospisil.

30-0 Pospisil's net back-to-bottom fight.

15-0 straight on the net in response to Pospisil.

Excellent cross section of Pospisil, who maintained the service and brought the score to 4-1 in this first set. Fonjini will go to serve.

Network advantage, great game in Pospisil's network and Fonjini's passer.

40-40 Fabio's aggressive response to Berkeley and Sashpail doesn't get the ball right.

40-30 Ace to come out of Pospisil and the ball 4-1 for Canada in this first set.

30-30 Another gift from Pospisil, who drops his forehead out.

30-15 Pull out the reverse loop of the Fonjini crossover.

15-15 straight from Pospisil, which is exaggerated.

15-0 Another good Canadian service and direct pass on the net.

Returning out of Fonjini and the break comes at fifteen. 3-1 for Paspisil, the Canadian to serve.

15-40 Another double foul by Ionini, who takes the speed. Ball break for Pospisil.

15-30 Second foul by Fonjini.

15-15 Good first on Fonjini's outside service and straight from Pospisil.

The 0-15 response to Pospisil's meeting was well resolved.

Excellent service to Pospisil's body, along the back of the Ionian. Canada leads 2-1 in this 1 set, Fonjini going to the service.

40-15 Bravo Fabio to attack Pospisil with a second and a short ball of excellent quality.

40-0 Terzo Ace for Pospisil, with an elusive trajectory.

30-0 Another win for Pospisil, who finds the outside line

15-0 Central Ace of Pospisil.

Great game in Fonjini's service, slice service and what to do for Pospisil, who returns to serve.

40-15 Double foul for Ionini, who imposes the second.

40-0 Very deep straight from Foggini and picket fence straight from Pospisil.

30-0 Beckend for Pospisil, who is trying to take risks with a Canadian to cut down on trade.

15-0 Excellent first center on Fonini and straight to the net for the Canadian.

Very responsible Postponement of direct response to Fonjini and 1-0 for Canada in this first set. Foilers of service.

40-30 Wonderful Reverse of Wonderful Ioannina.

40-15 Pospisil's first center and didn't find the right Fabio influence.

30-15 Serving Pospisil's Body, Nothing to Do for Fabio.

15-15 Exaggerate with a cross right and a gift from a Canadian.

15-0 service for the Canadian, a good first point for him.

16.22: In the service of Scribble.

16.20: The players have completed the warm-up phase and will soon start.

16.18: It will not be easy, as mentioned, for blue, as the fast surface can make Pospisil smile: a very skilled player in the service.

16.14: Fontini and Pospisil play in the warm-up phase.

16.11: Exciting as always listening to the Anthem of Mameli.

16.08: It's time for anthems.

16.06: Teams line up after usual presentations.

16.03: These are special moments, Fonjini will have to offer performance worthy of the name. We hope Ligurn recovered from his physical problems.

4pm: Revolution of this edition for 2019, with Azurri wanting to be ready.

15.58: Coming soon for this 2019 Davis Cup edition.

15.55pm: Fonies will need to pay attention to the rival piece which, especially from the right, can make a difference

15.53: Fast-paced games and Foggins will have to be good on the move and then absorb Pospisil's offensive game.

15.51: At the opening ceremony of the Manolo Santana and the growing tension for Italy's debut.

15.49: The score of the former is 1-1 between the two, but Fonjini should have something more than the tennis repertoire.

3.47 pm: Fonjini has a great chance, against a player is not impossible. Oger-Aliasime out due to ankle problems.

15.45: Fonjini will debut his first match with Pospisil. There will be no Pospisil. Beretini opposed Shapovalov.

15.43: The national team led by Corado Barazutti will rely on Mateo Berettini and Fabio Fonini in singles, while it will be clear what the two-man squad will be, depending on the available physical resources. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli are ready to play without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego.

15.41: Players enter Kaya Magica in Madrid.

15.40pm: White Pash is included in the same grouping of Canadians, just as the United States, with the goal of winning the quarter-finals record without conciliation and being part of the best second.

15.38: At Madrid's fast-paced indoor space, Azuriri will make his debut in a new format competition that has sparked so much discussion.

3.35 pm: Hello and welcome again to IVEIVO IN LIVO Italy-Canada, a valid match for the Davis Cup Tennis Finals Group C.

Davis Cup Program (November 18) – Davis Cup Presentation (November 18)

Hello and welcome IVO LIVO of Italy-Canada, valid match for Group C of Davis Cup Tennis Final. At Madrid's fast-paced indoor space, Azurri will make his debut in a new format that has sparked so much discussion. White Pash is included in the same group of Canadians, to be precise, in the United States, and the goal is to win the quarter-finals record without reconciling with the second-best.

National team led by Corrado Basasoutti will rely on Matteo Berettini and Fabio Fonini, in the singular, while it is necessary to clarify what will be the composition of the duo, which will also depend on the available physical resources. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolley they are ready to enter the game without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego. On the other side of the net, you'll have to deal with a very young Canadian, given his left hand. Denis Shapovalov (class of & # 39; 99) & by Felix Oger-Aliassime (Class of 2000). These are two very dangerous tennis players, because they have a great talent, which was noticed during the season. There may be some oddities against Auer-Aliassime due to some physical problems that prevented him from participating in the last tournaments of the year.

OA Sport offers you IVO IVO from Italy-Canada, a valid match for Group. any Davis Tennis Cup Final: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 4 pm (Photo: LaPresse).

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