Saturday , September 19 2020

fall of Bagnaya in Liberia 3. VIDEO


In the final of the third free practice session in Valencia, Bagnaya fell from the pits: a severe head and left arm stroke. Peco was taken to a hospital in Valencia to perform a CT scan. Dr Zassa: "He suffered a traumatic articular trauma to the skull, with a suspected articular fracture being added."

Valencia Grand Prix on Sunday from Sky Sport MotoGP 14 (channel 208) and Sky Sport Uno (also on Channel 472 digital terrestrial)

Afraid for Bagnaya, at third free practice session of Valencia Grand Prix. We're trying to reconstruct the momentum of the incident, which is especially strange: the driver of the Pramac Team had just left the pits, he was about to launch a timed attack with a pair of soft tires (there were about 6 minutes at the end of the shift), when it is blocked the front and the Bagnaya literally rolled over on his bike. After a few moments on the ground, Pecko rose again: that is appeared immediately very distressed, in the pits he repeated twice not remembering what happened. After a severe head and left arm stroke, Bagnaya was taken after first medical tests. at a Valencia hospital to perform a CAT scan.

Michele Zasa, head of the Mobile Telephony Clinic, sought to clarify: "Pecko is gone and head injury. He also has pain in the left wrist joint: seems to have one Bruised Contour ». On the possibility of facing the race: “It is so far has been declared inappropriate, based on the outcome of the TAC, the circuit's medical director will have the final say, but it is probably not enough to run"For the time being, it is not excluded that Bagnaya will be able to take part in the tests scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in Valencia.

The dynamics of the accident

About the problem that caused the front wheel lock were excluding errors from pilot and mechanics. Francesco Giviotti, Pramak's team manager: "This is a really unique situation. The controls we do with Brembo will provide important answers that will clarify things." Under Peco's terms: "There is confusion in space time, but it's quiet, quiet, even more laughter than normal for what happened."

The first pictures of the fall:

Image of the moment in which Pecco cappotta:

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