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F1, Ferrari: Carlos Sainz loses his temper and bulges

The future pilot of Ferrari Carlos Sainz appeared in an interview with Motosport Magazine after another question regarding his transfer to Maranello: “If I regret signing with Ferrari? The only thing that it annoys me that you already know the answer to some questions. I do not know why you are asking me again, because my answer will be the same as I gave a month ago. “As for my alleged repentance is one of the most popular questions, but I think you already know the answer.”

The Spaniard repeated several times for I do not regret at all that you chose Cavalino for his future and to be ready to help Scuderia get out of the crisis in which it ended: “Bee I moved to Italy to spend more time there. I think being close to the team was an important part of the great time I spent here at McLaren. Definitely “.

The son of art explained why Ferrari chose him: “Sure 2019 helped me, everything helps, but from what I know at Ferrari, they took into account many other factors to choose me. Many people talk about the podium or the sixth place of Brazil at the championship, but when I got to know the analysis that the big teams do on everyone’s driving performance, you understand how much they go into detail “and they are not just looking for a large number.”

“It simply came to my notice then, because the career of a Formula 1 driver is very complicated. “If you were like a tennis player or a centimeter where your performance depends only on you, it would be much easier to judge a Formula One driver. But we have many other factors besides our performance and more variables than any other sport.”

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