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Ezio Greljo: Out of respect for Segre and my father's story, I reject Biella's citizenship


“My respect for Senator Liljana Segre, for all she represents, for her history, memories and the value of remembrance, is pushing me to take a step back and not be able to accept this honor that the Biella Municipality was thinking of me. "With these words, Ezio Greljo, a popular conductor of Remove the news, rejected Biella's honorary citizenship, following a controversy by the PD over the fact that Liljana Segre's application for honorary citizenship was rejected a week ago. "It's not a choice against anyone – explains Gregio – but a choice in favor of someone, also for consistency and respect for my values, the history of my family and my father who spent several years in concentration camps."

The choice of Northern League administration

The Lega administration of Biella, led by Mayor Claudio Coradino, has decided to offer recognition to Gregio in the name of his career, his social commitment and the strong bond he maintains with his hometown of Cozato (in the province of Biella). "Ezio Greljo – the text – the title of honorary citizen for the popularity of television as a conductor, journalist, actor and director; for his continued dedication through the association "Ezio Greljo for premature babies"; about contributing to the spread of Biella's name in Italy and around the world ». The first citizen planned to award Gregio the award on November 23, following approval from the center-right junta.

Waste for Segre

Why did the junta itself refuse to honor Segre? Proposal of "Buongorgio Biella" and "People in the Center" civic lists seeking to grant honorary citizenship to a senator for life, "a witness to the Holocaust tragedy and an interpreter of the values ​​of justice and peace among human beings" – a few weeks backed up – it was favorably accepted by the 5 Star Movement and Forza Italia. Instead, the League and the Italian brothers rejected it, calling it "instrumental". "Nothing against Senator Segre – explained Alessio Ercoli, the leader of the League -: the proposal presented to me is to treat him. Biella does it only on the pointless wave of consensus. "

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