Thursday , September 24 2020

Ezio Greelio rejects Biella's honorary citizenship out of respect for Liliana Segre


The actor's father spent years in concentration camps

A week ago, the municipal council rejected a petition to grant Honorary Citizenship to a living Senator who survived Joa and threatened death.


The political controversy over the honor denied by Liliana Segre ended with the renunciation of Echio Greljo to the honorary citizenship offered by the municipality of Biella. Piedmont's Democratic Party and Pentastella's Undersecretary of Education Lucia Acolina criticized the center-right junta's election led by Mayor Lega Claudio Coradino to grant citizenship to Strizia la Noticia's conductor a week after he was granted citizenship. which he handed over to Joa's surviving senator, threatened with death. "Without taking away from a well-known TV presenter," Acolina said, "the sense of institutions would impose other choices." "Biella, the gold medalist city of the Resistance that does not deserve this degradation," said Demo Regional Secretary Paolo Juria.

That evening, Ezio Grelio renounced citizenship he was due to receive on Saturday. "My respect for Senator Liljana Segre, for everything she represents, for the history, the memories and the value of remembrance, are pushing me to take a step back and not be able to accept this honor that the Biella Municipality considered for me," he said. 65-year-old actor, comedian and director. "It is not a choice against anyone," Gregio specified, "but a choice for the sake of consistency and respect for my values, the history of my family and my father who spent several years in the fields of concentration."

Citizenship offered by Biella to the showman born in Kosato, in the Biella area, wanted to be recognized by the association "Ezio Greljo for premature babies" and "contribute to the spread of Biella's name in Italy and worldwide." It had previously been rejected by the junta because it was considered "instrumental", a segregated honor proposal presented by the civic lists "Buongioro Biella" and "People at the Center" in recognition of "witnessing Holocaust tragedy and interpreting justice and peace among human beings. "

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