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Ex Ilva, Matarella convenes the Quirinale unions. Milan judges: 'Don't stop installations' –


MILAN – Ilva's former record returns to Quirinale. According to industry sources, the three secretaries-general of CGIL, FISL and UIL will be received tonight at 19:30 at the Quirinale by the President of the Republic, Sergio Matarella, to address the steel plant issue after Arcelo Mittal and of the industrial crisis. Meanwhile, the Milan court has ruled on the cautious appeal of the commissioners on November 27 inviting Arcelor Mittal – reads a note sent by President Roberto Bichi – to "no further initiatives and hypotheses for full-scale work and prejudice." plant functionality ”of the steel plant.


Ilva: Abnormal Prices of Raw Materials, Here Are the Charges Against Arcelor Mittal

Minister Birkia of Zirko Massimo for Radio Capital: "Ready for Commissioners and a Loan Loan

However, the government is starting to equip itself in case multinational exclusion is confirmed. If that happens, Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Bokia explained to "Zirko Massimo" Radio Capital, will begin "emergency administration, with a bridging loan" from the state, and then assign to commissioners, to bring the company back to market within a few years.

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Ilva, the holes in the plane that explain Arcelor Mittal's escape

"Mittal – Bokia added – has put up an unacceptable professional blackmail, which the government has already rejected. Therefore, it must assume its responsibilities and comply with the laws of the Italian Republic. " If that doesn't happen, "there is an emergency administration that saved Ilva from the Riva cracks, by bridging the loan and in order to bring the company to market within a year or two, as required by law."

If necessary, we'll do it again without a hitch. There is no alternative. "Once the emergency administration is established" it will be decided whether there are other companies in the country that can join the group. I – Bokia concluded – I think the opportunity for other companies, including the FDP, to come into play is absolutely established, but that's a topic that will have commissioners coming up. "

Meanwhile, still in the controversial farewell to Arcelor Mittal, the Milan prosecutor is also investigating possible tax crimes and alleged bankruptcy crimes, with a focus on non-payment of induced creditors, in an investigative file opened several days ago, still formally up to date. a load of unknown and no crime hypotheses. These are strings that are added to checks for alleged material misstatement in relation to raw materials, false corporate communications, and the market.

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