Sunday , September 27 2020

ePRICE inaugurates Black Friday with Black Marathon for Samsung products


Vezio Senicola

The promotion is valid from November 14 until December 2, 2019 with limited time offers and cumulative discount vouchers of up to € 1,000

One of the first stores to unveil cards for the upcoming Black Friday is EPRIF, which has already launched its new special offers campaign called "Black Marathon"These promotions are reserved for products Samsung, especially for appliances and Smart TV.

on Black Marathon will be active from November 14 to December 2, 2019 and not only allow you to take advantage of immediate, limited discounts, but also get discount vouchers up to 1,000 euros to spend from 27 to 31 January 2020. Discount vouchers can be accumulated by purchasing some products selected from those offered, marked with a special symbol in the form of running man, and are equal to the discount applied to the product itself.

In short, if you buy a product for € 400 that has a 50 € discount on the list price, you can accumulate a 50 € discount voucher. The different discount vouchers arrived are cumulates and must be used in January at athe only solution. To read it conditions Finish with the promotion we recommend visiting this site.

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We made a short selection below smart TV Samsung in a special offer of ePRICE. They are all compatible with the promo and allow you to accumulate the described good discounts. Visit the full catalog at Black Marathon you can click on the link below.




All of the products described may undergo price and availability changes over time, so we always advise you to check these parameters before purchasing them.

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