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Emma Marone: "It's better now, but I was scared. I don't want to be forgotten."

"I just released the single 'I'm Beautiful'. They were already the first commitments and during my subsequent visit they told me that it might be time to solve the problem and not risk it. With honesty and sincerity, for the sake of my public respect, I thought it was appropriate to tell the truth.

Consul Salento was entrusted Silvia Tofanin that he may not have used the right time to regain strength, but is convinced that he made the right choice: “Now it's better! My way of reacting to things. Maybe I should have waited a little longer, but – he goes on – I have to stay active. The mind does a lot of this, it helps you recover faster. I wanted to come back in front of the audience, listen to this record, smile, feel good. "

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Emma, ​​again with a new album, used her 10-year career: “I think I'm lucky because I had incredible dreams. Although life gave me strokes, I always overcame them. I'm healthy, I'm good. I think of all those people who are still struggling to feel good today "- and adds – Music is my life. I don't feel like coming, I wake up every morning and I know I have to work hard. I would like to stay, to stay, that tomorrow someone will really remember me and my songs. I don't want to be forgotten. "

Finally, a thought about: dying: I believe and think that the person meant for me exists, but today I do not see love, my prince charmingly lost his way! “.


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