Tuesday , September 22 2020

Eleven meters – Ronaldo's supposed case is back. His game is not seen, but Surrey has already replaced Juve. Market, Paratiki bet another ninety pieces


To start right from the alleged "Ronaldo case", I do not subscribe to the party of those who say Surrey has done good or bad to replace Ronaldo, I am just saying that Cr7 is a totem, not a player, and maybe in his case it would be necessary to have some particular prediction. Surrey, for his part, has the right to replace anyone he wants (if he doesn't play properly or for physical problems) and the same Ronaldo (who goes for 35, let's not forget) should accept the technician's choice with more tranquility. I'm talking about a "Ronaldo boss case" because it is not the first time in the history of football that a champion will be replaced when he does not voluntarily accept the technician's decision and will certainly not be the last. I'm not shocked at all. I believe in the group the case has already returned, just talk to each other, talk, reason. True reason as a team of common interest. Cr7 is with Messi the best in the world and is very sought after even by himself, I believe his reaction is also the daughter of consciousness not to be several weeks. Fortunately, it seems the national air helped him, as he returned to the goal and proved to be in good shape, this is great news. It is uncertain to say that with almost 35 years of human life you cannot expect to play all the matches in the season. Even Zidane al-Real has succeeded in the last few years with excellent results. The core is always the same: to talk, to talk, to evaluate change and rest days.
The Ronaldo case will be repulsed (assuming it was actually created) at a good pace for those who are always looking for gossip and some cracks in the obvious solid black and white id.

The breakdown of national obligations allows us to make some judgments. Juventus' "sari" first travels very fast, the results speak for themselves, one that leaves fans hopeful and your humble reporter is that in my opinion Bianconeri are only 50-60% of the form. Surrey's game is not yet visible, but the important thing that is already evident is the change in mentality: Juve's attacks, and the fact of reaching often in the last quarter of the race says a lot about the job. A team that does not mind defending but trying to "hurt" the opponent. Even the most inattentive spectator will ask one thing: if Juve is at the top today, still playing like this, what will happen when Sarah's mechanisms and philosophy are absorbed by the heart? Good question

However, Surrey does a great job, the coach teaches football and he tries to do the same in Juve. What we can say is that slowly the defense (orphaned by granddaughter Kielini, never forget) registers and improves. Pjanic became indispensable as Higuain became an essential, fundamental player. The classic player of the total is "nine" who is actually "ten", a little bomber, but is often a team player, a rapporteur, a man capable of giving weight forward, doing a "sports title", playing side-by-side and helping kiss as it often happens. Another thing to note is Cuadrado's now altered mutation, which has become a right-wing outsider and then DiBala's rebirth is just as important and decisive as ever.

All of this is good for the Bianconeri world, but there is still a lot to do, especially in my opinion, the intensity, speed and inclination to play before they have to grow. After the break, Juve will leave for Bergamo at Atalanta Basketball. It's going to be a tough game, and if you don't run against the eleven possessed by the Gasperin Demons, you run the risk of leaving pens.

As always, the final glow is on the market. There are so many names, but it seems to me that Juve is focused primarily on two profiles: one is the Norwegian Flanders phenomenon, a real market crash. Battles have been going on for several seasons, getting it today will be complicated as it even now costs crazy (80/100 million) but his agent is Raiola, who knows … Raiola always cares about the interests of another profile in Turin he returned more willingly: Paul Pogba. And here we are talking about a mega estimate (not less than 100 million), but the Octopus is worth all of them and would add a class, physical strength and enthusiasm to Juventus' midfield, which is strong but lacks dynamism and begins to have a high average age. Let's see what's going on, of course, that Paratiti and his family are not at rest, and January may already be a surprise. By the end ..

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