Saturday , April 17 2021

ECB, a tweet to the central bank claims the Avengers Avengers: "At all costs, did Draghi say it 7 years ago"

"Whatever is needed", at any cost. Asking an economist or an average sixteen year old who made this sentence known, you are likely to receive two different answers. The economist would say Mario Dragi, at the age of sixteen Captain America. The first is the president of the European Central Bank, the second is the head of the Avengers (Avengers), a group of superheroes that are part of Marvel's comedy and comedy universe. In the pronouncement of the sentence, Dragi wanted to save herEuropean UnionCaptain America wanted to save himthe universe.

The strange thing is noticed by exactly ECB, which today announced Tweet in which he wrote: "Gli #Avengers they are not the only ones who have promised to do #WhateverItTakes! Almost 7 years ago, we heard something similar … ".

It was 2012 when Mario Draghi said he was ready to protect him maintenance of the euro "At all costs". From that moment, through measures to increase monetary policy (including the famous quantitative relief), The ECB began to buy public debt and private bonds. In this way, he put an end to the politics of saving and flooded the European states with money.

on comments in a tweet, do not deserve: "In fact, he did everything to destroy us. Nice phenomenon. But are you the central bank of the eurozone or the central bank of Uncle Scrooge? "Or:" Avengers do not go to. " Federal Bank seeking alms for their political / economic life. "Still, one is quite positive:

In the latest Avengers movie, finish, half of the population of the universe has been killed, and superheroes have to make a desperate mission to bring them back to life. To find out if they have succeeded, just go cinema. Find out whether or not Dragi saved him property of the euro area, instead, it's a little harder.

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