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What to do now? Yes, what should I do? It is the worst start to the league since returning to Serie A, Fiorentina have not scored in 309 minutes (almost three and a half games) and for the second year in a row are in the poorer quarters of the table, in the middle of the relegation zone. Even if for Rocco this is sure to be fake news, it is instead, unfortunately, the dramatic reality we have to deal with. You are no longer messing around. And there is no room for useless and harmful verbal controversies, it is forbidden to talk about the stadium and money. If Rocco appreciated the irony of borrowing Flaiano, we can also say that “the situation is serious, but not serious”, unfortunately in such moments it becomes difficult to even smile bitterly. After the defeat with Benevento, the situation looks serious and serious at the same time. At this point, the red cards that my irritated uncle from America has been waving under my nose in recent weeks have become medals of football courage, “everything was already planned,” said Cociante, who probably knows more about Rocco football. But it is not time to talk about the mistakes made, from the confirmation of Iacini down, I have been emphasizing them for three months now, now that the red alarm has been sounded, that even the change of coach was not enough, it is to think about Fiorentina to understand which way to go to avoid worse problems and try to save the season. Yes, what should I do now? We repeat it as a mantra.

This is the question that goes through everyone’s head after seeing how Fiorentina does not react and if it is possible to get worse even before changing the bench to bring shock to the team. Prandelli has no mistakes, keep in mind. We just have to say thank you to Prandelli for putting his face on an adventure to the limits of the impossible, accepting a love affair without a future that no other coach at his level would do. But from Prandelli’s experience and charisma, one must start again with strength and power. That is the only way.

The coach talked to the president immediately after the match, yesterday he had a long face to face with the team and the managers on several occasions. The synthesis of the day can be added to a post by Borja Valero, one of the dressing room thinking heads: “Head down, mouth shut, work hard.” This is a poster metaphorically published in the purple dressing room and remembered by everyone, including executives. It is clear that the work must be done primarily in a team shocked by three shifts of coaches in one year, changes in work, football systems and ideas, frustrated in their motivations, full of personal problems and far from being a group.

It will take some time, but fortunately there are about thirty more matches and there is no shortage of time. Prandelli will basically work in three directions. The first, the basic, is psychological-motivational. Yesterday, the players were faced with the great responsibilities they have towards the jersey they wear, the weight of the history of this club, but Prandelli tried to work in the spring of personal pride. It is not possible for players at a certain level to even offer offensive performances for themselves. No one can fall so low and if you fall it has a duty to rise. Combined with this idea of ​​individual pride that needs to be reactivated, the discussion has expanded into a group, to the strength that the team can derive only from the common goals and ideals that cement it.

This is a synthesis of Prandelli’s working idea shared yesterday with the group according to rumors coming from the locker rooms. Then there are the physical and tactical aspects that need to be worked on hard, but without resetting the players’ heads, everything gets harder. From a physical point of view, I have already written what I understand, even if it is seen by watching the games, how this team has athletic problems. Does not hold, does not know how to sprint, looks like diesel, is not reactive. Prandelli’s staff has already worked and will work on this, but the results will be seen in just a few weeks.

Then there is the tactical aspect, the one that led to the break (not certainly personal) between Jacini and the team. Players do perhaps the best job in the world, but they, as in all jobs, if they do not have fun, if they are not involved, become apathetic, apathetic, do not participate, the frustration and then the depression takes over, as he said. Prade. Going to training to seal the card in the long run becomes overwhelming and it shows. Prandelli, through personalized and group conversations, will try to bring the team to the football field that changes the idea of ​​football. From Jacini’s passive football we will move to active, proactive, even brave football. Prandelli’s third mission is to get the players to have fun in training, to stimulate them, to get involved in an exciting tactical project.

How long will it take? No one can know. It will obviously depend on how the team reacts, individually and as a whole. But the company also received a reassuring message, there is no water in the throat, excessive pressure can be negative, you just need to change course immediately. As we mentioned, thirty matches is a lot and Prandelli has the right to work calmly, there is no magic wand and the situation is complex.

Complex also at the corporate level. In this context, there are (obviously) unfortunate players, some who want to leave, others with the contract renewed, others who want to discuss it again, others who feel punished. This is up to the managers, but leaving riots in the locker room would risk jeopardizing part of Prandelli’s plan. The coaches do not want to see sad faces in the locker room. Fortunately, the market is close and if there is anyone who will insist on going (Milenkovic?), Others like Pecela waiting to understand the future or others who are not happy here, solutions will be sought. Coercing players by contract is an own goal, we hope the Chiesa affair has taught Rocco something.

As you can see, a very delicate situation and everything stems from the confirmation of Jacini. On that day, the locker room collapsed while waiting for something else, and a transfer campaign was packed with different goals. I just hope that Rocco understood that football is not Mediacom. An associate captain of a company like him in football risks failing if he does not adapt, if he does not change systems, if he does not start trusting his managers. My advice is the usual truck, but if I can afford it with a built-in red card, at least now let Prandelli and Prade do it because they know football. Trust your men, suggest and check, because your presence feels essential, but at a distance. Leave the responsibilities, then if things do not go or do not go, this is where the owner will have to present the bill. We need a common line of decision-making, otherwise it ends up like Iachini. Now you tell us that you all agreed, but Rocco also knows that it is not so. Football is a microcosm where everyone knows everything about everyone, it is useless to deny and deny. If players see divisions, uncertainties, differences in attitudes in the company, they are all potential excuses for them.

I do not want to remind you of the events in Montella and Jacini, the sale of Chiesa on the last day with “why he did, and we did not” from those who remained in the locker room, the lack of goals given to the team, external attacks to cover up internal responsibilities, harmful verbal redundancies and many other mistakes made, in my humble opinion. Obviously. Rocco, if you can commit violence. Yours, admit it, is not an ideal way to play football. And stop (if you can) talking about money, spent and spent. You do not go anywhere with money alone. And sometimes even they are not enough in football.

Take, if you will, the example of Friedkins, the Americans in Rome. Rigorous and absolute silence. The coach in balance, immediately stepped up and put them in working conditions. The protected team. The fruits are visible. And, above all (as has been suggested many times) they start again from society. As CEO, they went to reckon with Thiago Pinto from Benfica, one of the best around. I’m just saying this to make you think, maybe she’m right and I’m sure I’m wrong, but the results don’t tell. However, now there is only one hope, that the team will burn quickly, that it will immediately find at least the motivations, maybe from tomorrow afternoon in Udine in the Italian Cup, a goal that should be achieved at any cost.

Ribery will almost certainly be missing, one of the most disappointing of what has happened in recent months. He came to Florence to have fun, to end his career as a protagonist, with a juggler smile. He was one of those who hoped for a different football and a different coach, lost the stimulus and motivation and it shows. If he does not find the joy of playing at the end of the year, he could even stop, but Prandelli treatment seems to intrigue him. Maybe Sunday at the San Siro could be the right scene for him to rekindle inside …

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