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Donald Trump attended the White House movie screening. Here is his answer

According to Yahoo! News, a senior White House official confirmed that the president of the United States Donald Trump we have just witnessed a screening of Joker, the new movie from Todd Phillips Acts Joaquin Phoenix playing the famous crime clown prince.

According to the man's statements, the cinema would be shown immediately at the White House to entertain the president and other guests, including his family, some friends and members of his staff. And he seems to have been absolutely valued by the head of the US government, who has, on numerous occasions – in the past – failed to externalize his passion for cinema, finding himself a big fan of classics like Fourth power, Gone with the wind and The good, the bad, the bad.

But not only that, Trump also agreed to shoot a few quotes in some well-known films, such as Mom, I got the plane back: I got lost in New York – which is one of his most famous performances – but also in romantic comedies Two weeks notice – Two weeks for fall and Ghosts can't do that, since 1989. On TV we also saw him appear in the show Sex and the city.

And, apparently, even the film is dedicated to Arthur Schleck be a good candidate to finish in "Top 10 Cinephiles ” of the President of the United States. So after the billions in the box office, another milestone for ours Joker.

source: Indiewire


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