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Do you have a caz * or not?


"Do you have a cock or not? Do you have it or not?" Vittorio Sgarbi and Vladimir a luxury ended up in a brawl during "Live – not D & # 39; Urso"November 18, 2019. In the same episode there was the moment dedicated to Heather Paris. In the segment dedicated to the spheres, Barbara D & # 39; Ursu set Vittorio Sgarrby and Vittorio Shelter against everyone. He sat in the spheres against both Vittorio: Veronica Maya, Vladimir a luxury, ALDA D & # 39; Eusanio and Daniela Martan. The only one defending the couple is Eleanor Casaleno. After discussing the exaggerations of Vittorio felts, debate and confrontation have intensified on Vittorio Sagrabi's past statements at the expense of Vladimir Lukuria.

The attack on Vladimir Luxury

Vittorio Sagarbi said he first saw Vladimir Luxury "beaten in the street mask". Sgarrby, in an episode of "Live – Non è la D & # 39; Urso" in April 2019, quoted Luxury as saying in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Vladimir Luxuria attacks:

That sentence shocked me. I remember how we met. It was the 90's, I left the bar, I was on the Casillino Bridge and this great car stopped. He goes down through the window and I see Vittorio Sagarbi. He invited me to tell him in the car, along with Elenoir Casaleno. He took us to the movie set, showed us Rome by night. He gave us a lectio magistralis. Maybe Vittorio doesn't remember well, I mean who knows what I was doing in the street …

Vertical version of Vittorio Sagrabi

Vittorio Harbi specifies his version of events, explaining to Vladimir Luxuria to call the night before. The result is an upset row between the two that ends, as usual, with the outbursts of Vittorio Sagarbi.

I saw you in the obvious position of beating. You were not mistaken for a prostitute, you were. You did what you said, did, and acknowledged. I'm talking about the past …

Vladimir's response is urgent: "I'm talking about the past, because if I said everything I know, we would have done a 4-hour show. It has nothing to do with what he said. I was talking about my difficult time …"

And at this moment, Vittorio Sgarty rises, throws up and throws arrows at the incredible Vladimir Luxuria:

But I met you before. It was 1989, you disguised as a woman at the time a man … you were a man disguised as a woman. Were you human or not? Don't lie Do you have a cock or not? Do you have it or not? I have always had great respect for you. I love shemales, I love them and I don't fuck.

At that point, the discussion has been interrupted because Vittorio Sagarbi almost seems to be feeling bad. Vladimir Luxuria suggests taking chamomile as Barbara D. Ursu gives up her speech and returns the debate to more peaceful tones. It won't take long, since Vittorio Celtic will then leave the studio after arguing with Daniela Martani and Veronica Maya.

Vladimir Luxuria's Statements to Corriere della Sera

It is September 3, 2008, when Vladimir Luxuria, partially on the way to L & # 39; Isola dei Famosi, issues the statements mentioned by Vittorio Sagrabi. He had done so earlier in the weekly Tu and Fabrizio Roncone for Corsica again asking:

It happened twenty years ago. I just graduated in foreign languages ​​and literature in Rome. After graduating I had to leave the dormitory where we ate and slept for free. So I rented a studio apartment in Piñata. Do you know how much I paid? Half a million liras. The more bills, the more the problem I'm not telling about lunch, but at least for dinner. It happened one night. Accidentally. I was returning home, on the sidewalk to Via Casillina and … got a car. A boy, a handsome boy, lowered the window and asked me in a breath, "How much do you take?" I answered instinctively, almost without thinking. I said, "Fifty thousand." Then I got in the car …

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