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Discovery, 1.8 million Italians in cash by December 2 –


Call expiration for those who joined the flow and balance and removing folders. The deadline is set for December 2, but you can pay by 7. Those who are still doubtful of the installment to pay can actually request a copy of the collection agency with the amounts due. It may also be possible to opt out of only some of the folders for which the application was submitted, receiving a new count.

The numbers

More than 1.8 million taxpayers are required to pay the installment provided in the payment plan. Specifically, the deadline relates to the payment of the first installment of approximately 385,000 taxpayers (with ISEE within 20,000 euros) joining the balance sheet and write-offs and approximately 267,000 scratch latrines, ie who benefits from re-opening the terms to July 31, 2019 to submit the application (the original due date was April 30, 2019). In addition, about 1 million 170 thousand taxpayers joined the "waste" by April 30, including those who missed the first installment scheduled for July 31. Also on December 2, the deadline for payment of the second write-off installment is set for taxpayers who paid the first installment by July 31st. Due to a five-day law tolerance, payment can be postponed to December 7.

Copy of newsletters

Those who can no longer find the list of accounts or communication of due amounts can request a copy directly on the Revenue Agency's website – Collection. It is possible to obtain a copy of the letter or in the reserved area of ​​the portal, engaging with personal authorization and direct download, as a public domain, without the need for pins and passwords, by completing the "Request Communication" form in the dedicated sections of both pages. provisions, under the heading "Communication of due amounts", enclose an identification document. Failure, insufficient or delayed payment of any installment entails ineffectiveness of the simplified definition: the debt can no longer be paid in installments and the Agency will have to continue the collection procedures.

Only partially payable

ContiTu is also available on the Agency's portal, a service that allows you to choose to pay only a fraction of the amount of scratch applied. For example, those who have asked for a "cut off" of 7 folders but realize that they can pay only 4 can choose the debts they intend to define and ContiTu will provide a new total and needed newsletter to enable them to pay the debts selected. For the remaining debts reported in the Notice that will not be subject to payment, the facilitated definition will have no effect and the Collection Agent will need to continue – as required by law – collection activities. The folders and notices contained in the application presented and for which the taxpayer chooses not to comply with the simplified definition cannot be paid in installments.

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