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Diana Del Buffalo's Pain: "It is not an easy time"

Diana Del Buffalo he admits on Instagram, telling about living in a difficult moment in his life. Actress, comedian and singer, she's naked for the first time in a post featuring revealed to his followers its a nuisance. The problem that Diana has been facing for some time and decided to overcome thanks to psychotherapy.

The 29-year-old announced on Instagram a shot that appears in the foreground, without make-up and with sad expression. "I don't have an easy time – he wrote -. I am getting bigger, wiser, more aware and awake. I realize how slippery life is and how prepared I am to receive it. "

"If you are going through a period of change, confusion, sadness or resentment, go to someone – then the actress added -. Psychotherapy is magical, not crazy. The path of reconciliation with ourselves is wonderful. I'm like you… fragile… don't expect too much of yourself, but seek the most merciful happiness! Forgive the next – Diana concludes – let go, it's not good to keep the bitterness and it is useless. It goes on, stronger than before. "

Born in 1990, Diana succeeded thanks to friends, where he immediately conquered it public benefit and professors, too, striking Maria De Philippi with its irony. Then began her career as an actress with many important films and landed on Colorado where he met Paulo Rufini, who became his companion.

Love, the one about the comedian, that Del Buffalo lived through the ups and downs. Many have commented on publication by Diana on Instagram showing their support for the actress. From Chiara Ferragni to Ululia Pauseli, also a former star on friends, to the Ariadna Romero model and the ex tape, Francesca Lodo. There were also messages from Alessandra Mastronardi and colleague Andrea Dianeti.

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Diana Del Buffalo Instagram

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