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Diabetes, because women risk more


In Italy they are a little less than 5 million the people they suffer from diabetes, but the problem is that almost a million people don't know they have it blood glucose values exceeding the limits considered acceptable.

Diabetes, in fact, often no symptoms, or spear from signals that can be captured with specific controls, such as blood or urine tests. However, time recognition is fundamental, especially for women: the risk for the cardiovascular system would be greater in the sex than in the male.

Therefore, thanks to an early diagnosis, they can be put into operation strategies, above all, weight loss in case of overweight, which allows the disease to be controlled.

Dangers for women

"Diabetic women they have a 44% higher risk of developing coronary heart disease than men – he recalls. Cesare Bera, Director of the Department of Endocrinology-Metabolic Group of Multimedia Milan. – It's also bigger for women the risk of running into a stroke: is 2.28 in females and 1.83 in males. In particular, this adverse event often occurs in very well-defined populations, such as women in adulthood between 35 and 54 years. "

The first studies in support of this thesis, they were published already in 2014, when an important meta-analysis compared nearly 900,000 subjects between the ages of 20 and 100 suffering from type 2 diabetes who suffered cardiovascular diseases. This was followed by other equally important studies published in major scientific journals. Similar results emerged from another meta-analysis, published further Lancet, who studied almost 800,000 subjects.

Why do women risk it? However, there is no certainty: we probably need to think about global cardiovascular risk and the factors that influence it. For example, changes in cholesterol and high blood pressure affect more heart and arterial health in women than in men.

But we must not forget that a woman, assumed by thousands of responsibilities, can tend to be neglected. the effects of diabetes. Finally, we must never forget that in women hormonal fluctuations, especially the arrival of menopause with the fall of estrogen hormones, they can affect the protective umbrella of the circulatory system that provides the particular hormonal component of the fertile age.

What is the risk if your blood sugar is high over time

Diabetes is particularly frightening for complications which may include, which are of particular interest blood vessels (and large arteries and smaller) and nerves. But beware not only of blood glucose as a parameter to keep in check: heart health and arteries need to define global cardiovascular risk, which obviously includes other risk factors such as overweight, smokes, hypertension, cholesterol changes. But here, in short, what the organs risk:

  • The diabetic is at greater risk of myocardial infarction, because the disease favors the development of atherosclerosis in the arteries. For the same reason danger of stroke.
  • on diabetic nephropathy, it is a complication of kidney disease, leading to a gradual decline in the kidneys' ability to "clear" blood. Therefore, the harmful substances that need to be removed remain in the blood, damaging the body.
  • Nervous system. If blood sugar is too high, the sensitivity of the nerves changes, with misperceptions. In addition, low blood supply damages the nerves themselves, easing them the onset of pain.
  • For nerve damage the diabetic foot it is less sensitive, and a lack of blood supply due to narrowing of the arteries reduces the oxygenation of the foot itself. Therefore, it is easier to encounter unseen wounds that tend to heal and cause infections.
  • eyes. Those suffering from diabetes are at particular risk retinal change, the part of the eye that receives visual stimuli associated with the modification of the blood vessels that supply it. But hyperglycaemia also increases the risk of cataract.

It is celebrated November 14th World Diabetes Day.

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