Thursday , September 24 2020

Dead Antonello Hallucci, the father of the variety – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, November 16 – He left easily
irony, as he lived and learned to live goals
generations of Italians. News of Antonello's disappearance
Halki, father of the Italian variety and creator of
success of so many great characters on the show, he did
right around the net in the most singular way: "I left
long long journey ”- the text of the post appeared
on his Facebook and Twitter profiles – you can come and say hello
Monday, November 18 at 11:00 am at the Church of Sant Eugenio in Vial
Fine Art in Rome. "Immediately after hundreds of messages from
sympathy attacked the network, signs of the show, but
too ordinary people. Everywhere they began to bounce
the pieces from his varieties, Studio Uno and Kanzonissima the most
famous, and the faces of their protagonists: from Mina to Voltaire
Chiari, from Paolo Panelli to Bice Valori, to Franca Valeri to
Kessler's twins. A few days ago he was 94 years old.