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Cristiano Ronaldo: three goals and messages to Juve – La Gazzetta dello Sport

Replaced by Surrey v AC Milan, Cristiano responded on the pitch to those who considered him a trouble. Juve need a break, but in all likelihood he will be the carrier of Luxembourg

Cristiano Ronaldo is fine. This is a verdict on the pitch of Faro's night, in which HR7 was a great protagonist for all the 83 minutes that saw him act on the pitch. In Lithuania's 6-0 draw – which brought Portugal closer to the final stage of Euro 2020 – the champion Madeira scored 3 goals, touched at least one, and continued to sprint and non-stop overlap. All this to get "one step from the finish", as he announced at the end of the race. Portuguese number 7 also found a way to address fans in the rapture: during the interval he stopped painting with a child, while during the match he even awarded "selfies" to the striker wearing Juve's shirt.

After the controversy

For Juve: In Ronaldo's super performance, one can easily read the implicit messages to the Bianconeri as well. The CR7 is coming from a badly boiled-out substitute match against AC Milan, culminating in an early exit from the stadium. Maurizio Surrey spoke on Sunday about Ronaldo "thanking him for being available despite not being in the best of physical condition." HR7 announced a favorable posting on social networks the day after the race, but an immediate departure for Portugal's withdrawal did not allow clarification with the Juventus group Sari was hoping for.

CT sting.

Willie has the opportunity to do so on the way back, but in the meantime Cristiano has made it known in every possible way to feel good. He said this the day before Portugal-Lithuania, he repeated with his stance on the ground. Then he closed the evening with a long hug with FT. Fernando Santos, who in the 83rd minute, with a 6-0 draw and three goals signed by the phenomenal Cristiano, gave the stadium a standing ovation and replaced it. And CT. commented at the end of the race as follows: "Ronaldo is fine, I had no doubt. They are the people who question him, certainly not me. " It is highly likely – if not certain – that Fernando Santos will propose Sunday in Luxembourg as the carrier: Portugal not yet qualified for Euro 2020, another victory is needed to protect against Serbia's latest attack. HR7 must be there, with full respect for Juve, who would like some rest for his star player.

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