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19.18am: Hamilton, on the radio, complains about climbing the W10 gearbox.

19.17: Hamilton takes the lead with a time of 938 ″ 938, while Leclerc's Ferrari arrives, which is third at 359 ″ from Lewis (middle tire).

19:16. Available with medium tires goes to the summit with a time of 1 10 10 ″ 051, ahead of Albon (medium tires) and Bottas (hard tires), respectively 0 99 699 and 0 ″ 761. The track also averages Hamilton.

7.15pm: Accessible and Botas on the trail immediately.

19:13: GREEN JUNE !!! Return to the trail.

19.12: Pilots get ready to get back on track!

19.10: At this point the commissioners remove Williams from the offensive zone. The Kubica accident is probably caused by a "wet" table.

07.19: Bad influence on the Kubica Williams barriers, which lose stability when leaving the Curve-2. Fortunately, nothing serious for the Polish driver, but a seriously damaged car.

19:05: RED ICON !!!

04.04: Bottas has a great time of 812 ″ 812 on hard tires. Behind him is Sainz with 249,000 yards on average, third ovovinas with Alfa Romeo at 0 ″ 932 with averages.

19.03: First time arrives: Antonio Ovovinazzi leads with a time of 744 44 1144 with a 960 thousandth advantage over Ricciardo. Italian with medium tires and Australian with hard tires.

19.03: Walter Botis' Mercedes with hard tires on the track as well.

19.02 hrs: Alfa Romeo on Ovine is on the right track immediately, followed by Norris, Raikkonen and Grossjan. Disposable on the medium tire track.

19.01: The first part will simulate the time attack, and later it will be the order of the simulation of the racing step.

7pm: Go to FP2 !!

18.58: Here's the weather:

18.57: 3 ′ early, therefore, at a particularly important dry session, after the FP1 rain. 30% risk of rain.

18.54: The pilots will meet a totally "green" trail, with no chewing gum, for the rain in the first session.

18.52: We are working hard in the Red Bull box to repair Alexander Albon's R15 after the F1 crash.

18.50: There is no rain at this time, so Interlagos armistice. A dry session of tracks is expected.

18.47: On this track the tires are subjected to high lateral and longitudinal forces, raising the temperature of the compound which never takes too long to rest. The lower force is on average high, with an equal need for mechanical and aerodynamic grip, leading to additional tire strain.

6.45pm: Very tough first round conditions, hopefully the weather is mild for FP2.

18.43: Power units, therefore, are particularly required.

18.41pm: As for the Power Unit, the Brazilian track will not be too much demand for endothermic units, but will put the turbochargers under pressure. To compensate for the power loss estimated at about 1.5% due to the more inert air, the turbocharger will have to operate at speeds of over 2,000 rpm.

18.39: The Brazilian track is usually medium / medium high power due to the numerous curves that are present primarily in the second sector, which however improves the motor characteristics of the cars. In fact, it is worth noting the presence of two long heights between the first and third sectors where it will be necessary to generate very high speeds and minimize lap time and be able to be efficient in overtaking in the race.

18.36: A new member is posted at a one-seat headquarters in Monegasque after critical points found in Austen a few weeks ago and so the young Rossa champion will have to endure ten penalty spots on the starting grid on Sunday.

18.34pm: As it was known, Charles Leclerc was replaced "only" on the 2019 Brazilian General GP's endothermic motor, the penultimate stage of the F1 World Championship running on the Interlagos circuit.

18.32pm: It's interesting to understand what the conditions of these FP2s are, important for defining the path balance.

18:30: Third and fourth two Ferrari, with German Sebastian Vettel set off 0.899 and Monkaskar Charles Leclerc of 1,143 turning over all in the first phase of the track session which is still very wet. In the last five minutes, the Maranello team sent both seats on the slick track, but was unable to improve the times set by the mid-range cars.

18.27: Behind Albon we find Mercedes of Finnish Walter Botas, second place at 0.551 from the summit at the end of the round in which he has shown excellent competitiveness with medium wet asphalt tires and thanks to the high aerodynamic load he releases on the W10.

18.25: In the final stages, the Red Bull Thai set up dry tires like many others, but will crash into barriers off the corner of Junsoo, damaging the front right suspension and causing the red flag to end the session.

18.23: Alexander Albon closes the FP1 in the standings, thanks to the excellent 1 16 16 ″ 142 medley tires at the best moment of the round as conditions for the track.

18.21: The first free practice session is not very important due to the continuous improvement of wet asphalt, which did not allow drivers to spend time with fatty tires in the last minutes.

18.19pm: Hello and welcome back to IVEIVO IN IVO for Free Practice 2 at the Brazilian Grand Prix, penultimate round of the F1 2019 World Championship. On the Interlagos track, drivers and teams will try to find the ideal lineup in the shortest possible time given tomorrow's qualifications and Sunday's race.








16.33 It's all about this first session with little effect on the track. The appointment is at 7pm with FP2, hoping the trail stays dry. Later, a greeting from OA Sport.

16.32 Therefore, the final rank is unchanged from twenty minutes ago:

1 Alexander ALBON 1: 16.142
2 BOTTAS Walter +0.551
3 Sebastian VETEL +0.899
4 Charles Leclerc +1.143
5 Carlos SAINZ +1.644
6 Niko FULKENBERG + 1,757
7 Daniel Ricciardo + 1,843
8 Pierre GASLY +1.958
9 Daniel KWICHAT +2.132
10 Lando Norris +2.417
11 George RUSSELL +2.637
12 Kevin MAGNUSSEN +3.105
13 Lenses Stroll +3.272
14 Kimi RIKKINEN +3,390
15 Antonio Iovinazzi +3.458
16 Nicholas LATVES +3.868
18 Sergio Perez
20 Lewis Hamilton

4.30 pm The session ends here, Albon stays ahead of everyone, and Hamilton and Versaillen stop these timeless FP1s.

16.28 Barrier Ebony !! RED BLUE and CLOSING SESSION! What a pity!

16.27 Hamilton and Botas decide on the yellow, Ferrari and Red Bull of soft. Leclerc's breakthrough in curve 1 and immediately behind Versailles turns, without consequences. Conditions very close.

16.26 Even Leclerc and Vettel came out on dry tire, then Hamilton and Albon. Everything has happened in the last few seconds.

16.25 And Hamilton returns to the cockpit. Finally we start with smiles thanks to Versen !!!

16.22 Raikkonen on the track, but still with the middlemen, while Versaillen prepares for a last-minute attempt. Will he be the first to throw with the redheads?

16.20 Only Russell on the track, teams waiting for the right moment, 10 more minutes still available.

16.18 The only 4 that need to be timed are Groжаjan, Perez, Versailles and Hamilton. Albon also confirms that it's time to move to slick, promising to be the last panic attack!

16.16 Over time, there is still much to do and the trajectory is always clearer, the impression is that the red tire will make its appearance.

16.14 1.16.399 for the Thai who puts himself first, taking advantage of the best asphalt conditions, compared to rivals.

16.12 Albon is also launched, the first official attempt also for Red Bull, while its partner Versatile is still quiet.

16.10 Twenty minutes to the end. Has Hamilton introduced himself to the public of the past or has he already retired to wait for FP2?

16.07 Leklerk S90 rear wing changed. The spoon-shaped profile version, slightly more discharged, has been replaced with a more linear and "loaded" one.

16.05 Bottas puts 348,000 ahead of Vettel in his first real attempt. 1: 16,693 its time.

16.03 Bottas is now launched, the track is practically dry in many places.

16.02 The only Russell currently in action, many may be waiting for the evolution of the track to try out the possible red in the final.

At 16.00 an hour since the start of the round, here are thirteen riders who have saved time:

1 Sebastian VETEL 1: 17.041
2 Charles Leclerc +0.244
3 Carlos SAINZ +0.745
4 Niko FULKENBERG +0.858
5 Daniel Ricciardo +0.944
6 Pierre Gasley +1.136
7 Lando Norris +1.518
8 Daniel KWICHAT +1.523
9 George George RUSSELL +2.179
10 Kevin MAGNUSSEN +2.206
11 Kimi RIKKINEN +2.491
Antonio Antonio +2.559

15.58 An interesting radio team from Ricciardo, who announced that he is starting to tear down his tires, a symptom that the asphalt is less and less humid and can be seen slick at the end of the session.

15.56 Vettel takes first place now in 1: 17.041, flying in T2 and T3.

15.55 Ferrari are still on the track, the track is drying up.

15.53 Excellent third time for Hulkenberg who is only 8 tenths behind Leclerc. The German still has no place for next year and his future is almost certainly marked.

15.50 Third abortion round for Hamilton who prefers not to hold office hours. Available in total tranquility without suit.

15.48 Second position for him with 459 thousand years delay.

15.47 Fastest stop for Sebastian mounting green (middle) and running on his lap.

At 15:45 the German is slow considering the compound chosen, the actual tire at the moment is certainly medium.

15.44 Leclerc has asked his mechanics to do a few more laps than expected to get to know the conditions and test the new engine. Vettel is also back on track with wet tires.

15.42 Hamilton and Versatile do not complete the lap. Leclerc wastes his time immediately, falling for nearly 4 seconds and bringing the time limit to 1: 17,285.

At 10:40 pm Leclerc improved for another seven-tenths (1: 21.259) before returning to mount the brokers in return.

15.38, and the first two to come up with the middlemen are Hamilton and Versen! The session is on.

15.36 First temporary position for Monegasque who cuts a couple of tenths of a minute and wins in 1: 21.971

15.34 It seems like the moment for Louis Hamilton has arrived. The British are sporting a new helmet dedicated to Brazil and the Seine, and appear to be ready for the first time.

15.32 Back to the Leclerc trail. Definitely an effective initial test for him to get out of the pits.

15.30 Meanwhile, improvement work continues on the various boxes. At Red Bull we are currently behaving by comparing the two different front wings brought here.

15.27 At present in Sоo Paulo there are 23 degrees, good temperatures that could help dry out the track.

15.25 Botas Radio Team confirms that the asphalt situation is improving very quickly and you could soon see someone setting up the brokers.

15.23 Carlos Sainz is the first to cross the finish line after launching his lap, 1: 23,689.

15.22 No one has yet completed an official round, so we are looking forward to the early stages.

15.20 And the time has come for the world champions. Valtteri Bottas is the first Mercedes to test it, an emergency startup test coming out of the ditch, certainly not perfect for the Finn.

15.19 Now the rain has fallen sharply and many teams have taken the path on the track. Complete wet tire for everyone.

15.17 Available yet without the top of the garment, quietly talking to the engineers.

15.16 Grosjean is now in action. It is curious to note that only Ferrari-powered vehicles have so far tried to gamble.

15.14 Put a lot of work inside the pitlane by mechanics to dry the pads to the maximum so we can make the most of the situation if we could start thinking about at least intermediate.

15.12 Alfa Romeo followed the strategy of the "reds" without completing the round. Minor signs of reduced rain at this time, the weather being constantly monitored.

15.10 Bottas meanwhile decides to fill up … on coffee. The winner of two of the last three races will try to extend his formidable period.

15.08 Trial of SF90 # 5 begins, in search of redemption after the disastrous (even if innocent) outcome of a US physician when the precarious suspension conditions the first rings until final withdrawal.

15.06 As expected, the German is immediately involved in the hit. A simple installation circle for him, even if he continues without stopping. Instead, Leclerc stopped, following his companion.

15.04 It is true Sebastian Vettel himself that heats up the spirits of the fans by coming out with full wet tires to understand the conditions of the asphalt.

15.02 So far no one decides to start in action, even calm in the pits in these first few moments.

15:00 Green light! This weekend's Interlagos has begun. FP1 started.

14.58 rain is expected throughout the day and should therefore weigh heavily on FP2 this evening, while tomorrow's situation is more uncertain and, at the moment, qualifying could be dry.

14.55 Exactly one year ago, we all remember the episode involving Versailles and the so-called O'Connor, which caused Hamilton's turnaround and subsequent victory over Hamilton. The French have paid quite a price for that episode because from that point on, the remaining hopes of staying in the circus this year if they leave. However, the talented former Force India is ready to return to the car next season with Renault.

14.53 The news of the last hour is confirmation of the presence of Mercedes even after 2020. There is little doubt about that, but that was confirmed shortly before Ola Callenius, Mercedes-Benz CEO.

14.51 No one is preparing for the moment to get on track, as expected. Lots of work on cars that will probably go to do at least one training session during the session to confirm that everything is fine.

14.49 For the week there should be no risk of crashes (the condition in Brazil is always mandatory) and therefore many teams may not be worth the risk of accidents collecting possibly useless data.

14.47 The sky is very dark and the rain falls for several hours. Track activity may not be much, as conditions are very dangerous.

14.45 Fifteen minutes until the beginning of the session.

14.42 Ferrari is not the only one to bring updates, Red Bull is actually presented with a front-wing modification, which was already seen on the occasion of the Monte Carlo RB15 of Versailles. For the Austrian team it is natural to undermine both great rivals as much as possible, even on a track such as the one less favorable to them.

14.40 We remind you that due to the time zone between Brazil and Italy the race will start on Sunday at 18:10 local time.

14.38 For Lewis Hamilton this is the first official edition of the champion. The Brit is in great shape and could start concentrating on 2020 to hunt for Michael Schumacher's historic record.

14.35 In this regard, expectations for this new SF90 specification carried by Leclerc are very high. In any case, Interlagos should be a better route for the SF90 than in Austin, so the prospect of "reds" is encouraging.

14.33 The battle for third place in the world rankings between the two Ferrari and the same Versailles remains wide open. Leclerc is starting to get good points up front (14 for Max and 19 for his partner), but this weekend he will have to pay a 10-position penalty on the replacement rack for his electric unit.

14.31 Ferrari is back from an unstoppable weekend in America and, following the controversy emerging primarily from the words of the Dutch Versatile, has been called for an immediate ransom. Who, better than the track, can answer the charges?

14.29 The world titles have already been awarded to British Hamilton and his Mercedes, and in these last two rounds we will try to test some news in the winter. The desire of everyone to do good in any case remains high, and the wait for the green light is overwhelming.

14.27 We are back on track for a week from Austen for the last appointment of an intense season, marked by the dominance of Mercedes in the first phase and the well-restored Ferrari in the second. The day also includes the second session starting at 7pm Italian time.

2.25pm ​​Good afternoon, well behind OA Sport, ready to follow access to the first free practice for Brazil's 2019 Grand Prix, which will start at 3pm.


Brazilian Grand Prix Program (November 15) – Brazilian Grand Prix – Leklerz Motor Show in 2020?

Hello and welcome IVO Free Practice 1 of the Brazilian Grand Prix, the penultimate round of the F1 2019 World Championship. On the Interlagos track, drivers and teams will try to find the ideal lineup in the shortest possible time given tomorrow's qualifications and Sunday's race.

Ferrari will have to deal with the penalty against Charles Leclerc. Monegasque will, in fact, be sanctioned for 10 positions on the Red Cross's initial electricity unit replacement network. The "Prancing Horse" technicians, in fact, could not help but replace the second unit used in Austin (United States) and at the same time failed to recover the damaged EV03 engine during FP3 in Texas. That's why a weekend is planned for Charles, but he could have an eulogy in the 2020 version.

A circuit of paper that should smile on the SF90, endowed with high power. This has been a hot topic in recent weeks as many teams (including Mercedes and Red Bulls) have asked the FIA ​​for clarifications on the use of petrol in connection with maximum engine performance. The federation's second directive on the subject feeds the controversy, as Ferrari is at the center of the case without breaking the rules in practice.

However, above this, German Sebastian Vettel is ready to set aside, eager to exploit partner / rival problems and launch the match for Mercedes, with Louise Hamilton already world champion and Walters Botas ready to approve the encore after what happened in the states. The Teutonic, for its part, must cancel the withdrawal suffered in the United States and Brazil has a chance to make up for it.

OA Sport offers you IVEIVO IN IVO for Free Practice 1 at the Brazilian Grand Prix, penultimate round of the F1 2019 World Championship: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 15:00. Have fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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