Sunday , September 20 2020

Conte, Ilva's desperate move: "The dignity of the country is at stake. One night …"


Ususeep Conte continues to appeal to the former unit Ilva. "We cannot lose face," he writes Corriere della Sera of the press on friday, november 15, "the dignity and identity of the country is at stake", he told his ministers.
"We will not allow the stoves to be closed, we will go to court and it will be a tough battle," he prepares with the worst Conte. The first move will be an urgent appeal under Article 700, and then, unless the Franco-Indian giant steps back, the State will intervene by entrusting the Taranto plant to the commissioners.

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Matteo Renzi he says he does not believe the government will fall to Ilva. But then a I'm looking for marks the ninth notice of Conte's eviction: "In case of a government crisis there is a magic book, the Constitution." It's equally problematic, writes Monica Gerzeni Luigi Di Mayo. In a bid to regain leadership and prevent MSSC leaders from launching it, the foreign minister attacks newspapers to reveal internal divisions and warns sailors in a storm: "The movement is working to change the country. Anyone who is interested in making the game of others and the system can fit in. " So the president decided to invite the ministers to dinner.

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