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College 4, in the fifth episode, separate lessons, travel and the epic hassle


College 4 was one of the most awaited programs on this television season after the huge public success in season three, when the Magnolia-Banjay-produced documentary for Rai2 definitely won over viewers, standing out primarily to engage younger audiences. Expectations were mostly confirmed by judging by the numbers recorded from this fourth season, which set the record for the third episode, achieving the highest score ever for the Rai2 program. College 4 looks at students teleported to an institution in 1982, set up The College of Convito di Selana di Caprino Bergamasko (Bergamo Province).

College 4, the progress of the fifth episode of November 19th

on the fifth and penultimate episode of Il College 4, broadcast on Rai2 on November 19, at 21.10, there will be a lot of disturbance within the facility, beginning with special lessons on the sentence imposed by the director following the results of an external examination. In the fifth and penultimate installment of the program produced by Magnolia-Banyaj we will also see that two boys argue a lot, which can have an effect on the balance of the hour. The lessons will not be overshadowed, during which students will discover the technological stuff of the past, the great singers of Italian music and the forms of artistic expression very much in vogue in the 1980s. The boys will also finally go on a trip, spending a night out of college.

A special lesson

After the inspection reported on the fourth installment, with the entrance to the College of External Inspector called to assess the status of the class, the dean, teachers and the colleague will hear the report prepared by the school inspector. A relationship that is not at all positive, as we can already assume, that will make the extremely anxious director try to improve the behavior of his colleagues and their profits. The solution will be to experience mseparate education method.

The discovery of Walkman

Among the highlights of the November 19 episode, a new encounter with music from the past that will leave a mark on the boys of Il College 4. In the singing lesson they will compete with great success on Lucio Dalla, while in art, girls will have to learn to use it the walkman, a cult object for all boys of the eighties and they will discover automatic painting, a kind of very special artistic expression.

The brawl between the boys

Following the expulsion of Alex and Andrea, Principal Boscio will face the unpleasant situation of having to mediate in a heated dispute between two boys of the class, one of the fiercest ever in college between two students. We will know whether the director of the institute will choose to adopt the same strict meter, or whether it will be softer as it happened with Claudia Dorelfi.

Class trip

After last week's trip to the zoo, it's time for another walk, or an overnight trip that will finally give kids the chance to change the air and get in direct contact with nature. In this context, at night together before the fire, colleges will allow themselves to go on to the emotions that speak of happiness.

College 4, which happened in the previous episodes

In the past few weeks we have seen students from Il College 4 approach to 1982 schooling habits, the rigor of professors, and the surprise of some subjects such as aerobics and computer science from the beginning that forced them to use machines and processors even remotely comparable. with the smartphones they hold today. In the first episode they learned to understand what the Eighties were like, while in the second we saw them decay with D'Annunzio and impressed by Mia Martini's expressive power in 1982's Sanremo. In episode three, the boys got to know aerobics, computer science instead, and recall the 1982 World Cup soccer that Italy won. Instead, in episode four, they had to endure the persecution of two companions, Alex and Andrea, and live the emotions of a first-class trip outside the walls of the College.

Where to watch College 4: scheduling, streaming, replication

College 4 is being held for five Tuesdays through November 5, at the premiere of Rai2. Additionally, you can watch the program in streaming on Raiplay (live or on demand replication) and from the link browser and through the free iOS and Android app. The schedule for all episodes of "Il College 4" is 19.20. The transmission then ends shortly before midnight.

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