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CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide: SUVs make electric cars useless – La Gazzetta dello Sport

According to the International Energy Agency, sporting utilities pollute so much that reducing the emissions of electric cars is useless

Consumer preference for large and heavy cars, especially SUVs, will lead to a steady increase in fossil fuel consumption and, consequently, a higher CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission. Not mentioned by Greta Tunberg or any environmental association, but by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its report World Energy Outlook 2019. The IEA also predicts that increased sales of SUVs could benefit from the expansion of cars useless electric. The latter, however, will soon become competitive with traditional thermal engine cars.


In terms of SUVs, Iea does not use any terms and is very clear: “Preferred consumers of SUVs can forfeit the benefits associated with the penetration of electric cars. There is a growing consumer interest in bigger and heavier vehicles (the so-called SUV), edalready contributes to increasing world oil consumption. "About two-thirds of cars sold in the United States last year were off-road cars, in Europe sporting goods represent one third of the market, accounting for 42% of sales globally. Iea today averages 25% more fuel per mile traveled than mid-size cars and, moreover, "the complete electrification of SUVs is complex." To tell the truth, it doesn't find much u confirmed in the current moves of carmakers who, instead, seem to have much faith in electric SUVs, from the current Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace to the future Volkswagen ID.4, Porsche Macan Electric and Ford Mustang Mach -E, in fact, the supply of electric SUVs in a few years will become consistent in different segments of the market.


Also, according to IEA analysts, then the "total cost of ownership" of electric cars (which includes the purchase price, maintenance and refueling costs) is destined to fall heavily within a few years. This is because batteries, which are today the most expensive component of an electric vehicle, will have a lower price tag: "Low battery costs play an important role in this dynamic: in some major markets electric cars will soon become competitive, in terms of total cost of ownership. , compared to conventional cars. " In fact, again according to the IEA's World Energy Review 2019, "Speed ​​that reduces battery costs is a key variable for both the electric market and electric vehicles."

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