Wednesday , June 16 2021

"But do not you see that you have a deformed eye?"

If he also uses Belen Rodriguez Photoshop to correct your imperfections (?), then there is "hope" for everyone.

This is not the first time that the Argentine model uses the system to improve what it does not like in its body. From the longest leg to the more rounded side, to the finish with the most bulky hair. All the small details – of course – change their already perfect appearance gradually.

But this time Belen Rodriguez it seems to be exaggerating with retouching, and the public has not forgiven him. This statistic has posted a photo on your Instagram profile while wearing a jacket. Belen is out of profile, staring at her with her mouth open and … a bit too broad an eye. Careful analysis seems that the eye is deformed in relation to the face, the white part is too white and the pupil almost completely disappeared.

"Photoshop is burst! You are beautiful even without retouching Belen! Look in the eyes," writes the user. And then there are those who will go down hard and will not forgive the fall of style: "Now you are undergoing retouching in a virtual way – not all bites you do from the surgeon?"

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