Wednesday , September 22 2021

But Boeri is still attacking "More spending with a limit of 100". Di Maio: "This is panic"

"He quota 100 too many promises and bad relationships. "Despite the change in management, which will be able to" archive "its presidency at INPS, Tito Boeri he does not give up and continues his attacks – now practically every day – for government and maneuver.

"The government asked us for simulations and we did a lot of them," said Al Corriere della Sera"All of them suggest that in the first years there was a significant increase in expenses: at the beginning there is a large group of people who take over the pension system and each year there are others that meet the requirements, so the expenses can increase. The idea of ​​flat and fixed equipment at the level of seven billion a year is not minimally supported by any simulation we asked for. But when I raised the problem, I had only verbal aggression and attempts to discredit me. At this point, I would not like to invent solutions incompatible with the resources put aside. At INPS, for the first time, we would find ourselves in a difficult situation".

"What the government decides to do is put on the ground to do it, as always," promises Boeri, "but from INPS depends on reporting potential violations of the intergenerational pact for which he is the guarantor. Unfulfilled promises Our employees in territorial offices suffer from everyday aggression to the extent that Salvini knows it well, we had to ask for strengthening the supervision in front of the office. "

President INPS it also seems skeptical about the actual implementation of the measures that the government assures to introduce: "It is believed that at some point you descend with your feet and you are all bound to face the limitations," he says, "Instead, he repeats the Promised Action will begin next year, but so far there is only a draft budget bill establishing two funds, one for pensions and one for income of citizens, billions in 2019, and then always seven. "

Words that the deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio bubble as an "unnecessary alarmism". "100 will be completed", the minister of labor and economic development is pulling.

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