Thursday , February 27 2020
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“Bravo, you hate it! Go all the way against these super protected ones. "

The journalist Michele Crigiellohe said of the controversy between Napoli players and the company led by Aurelio De Laurentis. These are his words in his usual TMW editorial: "5% of the sentence, the board of statutory auditors, the dream to reduce 50% of the last monthly salary and find a couple for image rights. Gentlemen, you care about Aurelio De Laurentis. Just last week we invited Napoli's No. 1 to take serious action against the team after a no-no withdrawal (read tuttomercatoweb editor last Monday). Now the first rumors are filtering them out. De Laurentis has to go all the way, at the expense of losing before college and giving all his players money. But he must try. This is due to her credibility and that of Naples. That would set a historical precedent, but above all it would be a real loss of image for his club. Speaking of damage to the image, Naples may be able to base some of the fine on this issue, since at the federal level players are super protected and it makes it difficult to put players' hands in their pockets. The Italian Footballers 'Association (AIK) when it needs to protect players' rights carries the ground with a hammer foot, when instead it has to pull the ears of members who do not obey the company's orders it does not fall apart. Attorney Campana was in good shape. Players can hit them in two ways: putting their hands in their pockets and not allowing them to play. There are no other ways. Also because the result is the last of the problems. All. From Series A to Category Three. In addition to the team, De Laurentis should also punish Ancelotti and the staff. Because when we talk about the team we are talking about the whole locker room. Quiet, but we enjoy Aurelio. We will keep you updated as we want to know how it will end. Of course, in Naples, they have the budget to leave some points on the road with this stormy climate".

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