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Borsa Italia, comment on today's meeting (14.11.2019)


Uniereo lost over 10%: Italian Electronic Holdings completed a sale of 3.25 million shares. Eurotech suspended due to excess price after quarterly report

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The main indices of the Borsa Italia and major European stock markets start the day minimal variations.

graphic quotes bagAt 09.15 am on FTSEMib dropped by 0.14% to 23,545 points, while FTSE Italia All Share decreased by 0.17%. Departure in red for Mid cap of FTSE Italia (-0.33%) and for FTSE Italy Star (-0.47%).

In mixed territory i large American indexes yesterday's session. The Dow ones rose 0.33% to 27,784 points after adjusting to a historic high of 27,806. The S & P500 gained 0.07% to 3,094 points, while the Nasdaq fell 0.05% to 8,482 points. Walt Disney's jump stands out (+ 7.32% to $ 148.72), in the wake of the excellent results from Disney +.

Bad day for Stock Exchange in Tokyo. The Nikkei fell 0.76% to 23,114.5 points.

L & # 39;EUR per $ 1.1, while Bitcoin approx $ 8,500 (less than € 8,000).

on the spread BTP-Bund is confirmed at 155 points.

Fractional changes for the banking sector actions.

Mediobanca rose 0.09% to 10.57 euros. According to what was written in "Il Sole24", Leonardo Del Vecchio's would appreciate Piazza Kucia's industrial plan. The Veneto entrepreneur said "to appreciate the effort made by the management and to be satisfied with the economic results achieved by the institute". The MoF, on the other hand, said Conz would light a MediBank beacon to assess recent developments in the bank's shareholding.

In fractional growth Saline Impregnable (+ 0.87% up to 1.85 euros). The company said that the total number of new procured and finalized since the beginning of the year amounted to approximately 7.3 billion euros, of which 0.1 billion were for project completion.

Unieuro declined 10% to 13.1 euros. Italian Electronics Holdings completed the sale of 3.25 million ordinary shares of the listed company in the STAR segment, corresponding to 16.25% of the capital. The shares were sold at a single price of € 12.95, which includes a discount of approximately 11% on the closing price of the Unieuro on Wednesday 13 November (€ 14.56).

EUROTECH suspended due to excessive decline, after theoretically declining 9.9%. The company active in developing PC Computers and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions closed the first nine months of 2019 with revenues up 39.9%; The turnover of the company Frilius jumped from 56.97 million to 79.7 million euros. Eurotech closed January-September with a net profit of € 11.93m, up from € 3.38m in the first nine months of 2018. In the third quarter alone, revenues increased by 35.7% to EUR 26.66 million, while the final result was positive by 3.09 million. Eurotech management reported that based on the existing order book, turnover for the fourth quarter would be in line with last year's, but with a larger margin.

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