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Black Friday Amazon: how to make discount coupons and promotions

Let's find out how best to deal with Black Friday 2019 and what voucher and discount options are already active!

Updated on 13/11: added promotion of Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months.

Black Friday is almost here and preparations are underway for the one that promises to be one of the best offers ever offered by various portals on the Internet. As always, at Tom we are at the forefront and, especially with regard to Amazon, we are ready to offer you a rich series of articles dedicated to the long-awaited “black friday“In shopping, they have traditionally been in our shopping habits for almost 10 years. To do everything right and offer you all the information you need for informed and careful procurement, we have decided to offer you this a short guide, where you will find all the links and helpful tips so you don't miss a thing from those that will be discounts offered by the effef Bezos portal. Obviously the first and fundamental invitation is to pay attention to our dedicated site where, day by day, you will find the main offers and the most interesting promotions. Instead, you can easily access the main promotions during the Black Friday portal. These are favorable opportunities to obtain freely available discounts and / or discount vouchers to procure products.

N.B. Please consult the terms of individual promotions carefully as some of them involve minimal activation costs and / or receipt of a relative discount voucher.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

The first and fundamental tip is to use an Amazon Prime subscription, which will allow you to take advantage of fast and free shipping, as well as a series of discounts! The subscription is priced at just € 36 per year, or € 3.99 per month, with the option to cancel the registration whenever you wish. In addition, various subscription services are included, such as the excellent Prime Amazon video (with exclusive movies and TV shows) and the ability to access flash offers in advance. Great service in our opinion so you can enjoy a month of free registration if you have never been a customer. In short, if you've never been a customer, Black Friday can be a great opportunity to test the service!

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Amazon Prime Student

The Amazon Prime student program landed in Italy in collaboration with Microsoft Surface. Students will be able to benefit from all the benefits of a classic Prime subscription, but with additional benefits. The trial period is 90 days. After this period, Prime Student automatically renews for just 18 euros a year, half compared to 36 euros for a classic subscription. But be careful: you can use the program maximum 4 years starting from the first subscription. The only basic requirement is to have a university email address. Otherwise, you can register with Prime Student by providing all the documentation needed to determine your "student" status.

Banner prime student

€ 30 discount on Airbnb

Thanks to this promo, active until December 8, you will be able to receive an Airbnb voucher for € 30, provided you buy any book in paper version dedicated to the theme of Amazon travel. They range from classic tourist guides to illustrated works dedicated to the discovery of the world, with works of literature, maps, and various atlases. Once the voucher is received, it can be spent by December 31, 2019 at the latest and only for reservations of at least € 250 (without any additional charges). In any case, this doesn't mean booking a trip to be completed by the end of this year, and you can really use a Reservation Booking Voucher by March 31, 2020 at the latest.

Amazon Airbnb

Kindle Unlimited FREE 3 months

Until December 8th you can subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited service for 3 months completely free. After these 3 months, the fee will be refunded at € 9.99 per month, but like all Amazon services, you can cancel at any time, using the remaining subscription period. Kindle Unlimited is a dedicated Amazon customer service that gives you free access to over 1 million e-books that you can read on your Kindle and other devices thanks to the dedicated app. Details of the promotion can be found in this news.

Kindle unlimited 3 months free

Voucher with 5 amazon discount when you buy books from 15 €

By 11.59 pm on November 30, 2019, Amazon will give you a voucher of 5 euros for a discount of at least 15 euros on a selection of books. To use the voucher, you will need to spend 15 euros on one order, at the time of order shipment, you will then receive an email containing a 5 euro discount voucher, which can then be used until 14 January 2020 (henceforth Black Friday) for purchases on the website in all product categories sold by Amazon, including bookstores, with the exception of eBooks and Kindle Stores, Amazon Devices, Apps, MP3 and other content or digital products.

Good student banner for prime minister

Discount coupon of 10 € by downloading the Amazon app

To promote smart phone use, Amazon has decided to give its customers a voucher of 10 €, usable for buying any product! To get it is very simple, all you have to do is download the Amazon app (available for all platforms) and simply sign in for the first time. The discount voucher will then be emailed to you but redeemed on orders totaling at least € 30. You can join the promotion until December 31st, while the voucher may be spent by 14 February 2020 at the latest. Hurry up!

Amazon Banner Application

Discount voucher of 5 euros by listening to a song on Amazon Music

To promote its own Spotify music streaming service, Amazon has decided to donate a 5-euro discount voucher to purchase any product on the portal until November 15. Receiving is really very simple, because all you have to do is download the mobile app (available to all platforms) and sign in for the first time. After listening to any song, you will receive it by November 22, 2019, a discount voucher that you can use for any purchase that will be available no later than 6 December. Simple and completely free!

Amazon music banner good

Coupon with discount of 10 € for 30 € for home and personal products

Until November 22, you can get a 10 euro discount voucher by purchasing at least € 30 home or personal care products. The vouchers thus obtained can be spent on any product sold and delivered by Amazon and in any case, no later than January 1, 2020. The offer is limited to one order per account and is limited to promotion items on the "Offer Reference Page".

Good hosts on Amazon

Gift card up to 280 euros with American Express

With a request for American Express Gold Card, Amazon offers it as a gift 150 euro voucher and 3 points for membership prizes of the American Express prize program for every euro spent on the portal. When you sign up for an Amazon promotion, the first year of card maintenance costs is free, while the second year will cost just € 14.99. The promotion also applies to a platinum card subscription, with all the benefits: the voucher actually went up to € 280! However, the annual subscription for this latest subscription is not free (Immediately 60 € per year).
American Express Amazon

Register and Save Program

Please be informed that by December 31st, the "sign up and save" promotion is active on Amazon, enabling you to get a 10% discount on those products whose purchase is periodic for you. The promotion was designed to complement the inventory of those products such as coffee, soaps and beauty products that are used daily, and that require periodic procurement. Promotion is available thanks to the use of promotional code ISCRIVITI30, and will allow you to select both the quantity of the desired product and the shipping frequency. It should also be noted that with the first shipment you will receive an additional 30% discount on the first order.

Sign in and save to Amazon

Sound: 1 month free and 1 year discounted

If you are one of the many audio book lovers and at the same time an Amazon Prime customer, we would like to inform you that an interesting promotion is available for Amazon to use the free month Audible, now a very popular book listening portal. In addition, Prime users will not only be able to take advantage of a free month, but will also be able to access the promotion which reduces the annual subscription fee by 20%! Therefore, there is no more € 9.99 per month, but the most favorable € 7.99 per month for 12 months.

Sound Transparent

Before leaving the list of other promotions on the portal, we remind you that we at Tom will be very active during the Christmas period so that we can help you choose the gifts for your loved ones. So beware of our site dedicated to Christmas gifts 2019, some buying guides are already online!

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Other promotions in progress

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