Monday , September 20 2021

Beware of the message with the virus that deletes all WhatsApp conversations

Applications have now become very important for many aspects of daily life. They are so necessary now that many wonder how it is possible to live without them until a few years ago.

From the app that counts the steps taken during the day to the one that helps find parking, the list now seems endless. As convenient and useful as it is, it is important to remember how these applications can also cause inconvenience. Especially the most used, which are often attacked by viruses. Recognizing the latter, then, becomes fundamental.

In the laundry blackout

Undoubtedly, the applications that have been established the most lately are those related to messaging and the social world in general. Among them, of course, stands the giant of direct communication or WhatsApp. Recently, engineers working on updates to this application warned users

In fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the message with the virus that deletes all WhatsApp conversations.

In fact, it seems that a computer virus is circulating which, taking advantage of the feature of the same application, manages to block it, causing unpleasant consequences. In fact, if it is affected by this virus, WhatsApp starts crashing constantly. And that it can no longer be used. In addition to losing all saved conversations up to that point, you must act in a timely manner to avoid other risks.

The specific characters

If a message arrives from an unknown user that contains certain characters, or punctuation marks and others that do not make sense, we should be suspicious.

The virus that circulates through the message chain actually contains specific special characters that force WhatsApp to decipher them. Decrypting the application leads to a blackout. As a result, it blocks and deletes everything that is saved. Basically, it can be defined as cyber suicide.

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended, first of all, to change the settings and not to allow the numbers that are not stored in the address book to communicate with our account. Furthermore, the application has made it known that in the latest updates, cyber defense has been inserted precisely to avoid these pitfalls. It is therefore very important to pay attention to the message with the virus that deletes all WhatsApp conversations.

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