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Beautiful, one life and the secret: November 23 reviews

Predictions and Plots on “Beautiful”, “One Life and the Secret” on Monday, November 23: Ridge feels dizzy after spending the night away from Brooke and Shauna. Genenoveva and Ursula have not left the acacia and want to make Marcia pay for it. The girl suddenly disappears. Are Salmeron and Dicenta included?

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Beautiful: progresses on November 23rd

Ridge after the night spent with Shauna is felt stunned He knows he did nothing wrong with Fulton, but it’s his fault. Afraid of it Brooke find out what happened, asks the Forester Shauna never to find out about that night.


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You are Brooke permeable with her ex-husband and now father-in-law Eric about his relationship with Ridge, meanwhile his sister Katie granddaughter goes home rebuke them his errors.

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One life: progresses on November 23rd

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Marcia she disappeared and Alvarez-Hermozo fears it was because he wanted to arrange one at any cost Engagement Fun after formalize their bond. The lawyer meets Ursula on the street and threateningly asks her what happened to Sampaio. He is convinced that the woman had a hand in her disappearance. Л.inspector Mauro San Emeterio start an investigation. DO Jacinto weighs a lot to train with Aranksta e

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The secret: it progresses on November 23rd

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We lost track Raimundo. While Captain Huertas search, The weather in Donna Francisco grieves for her husband. Rosa is increasingly obsessed with delirium and paranoia. The weather in Donna Francisco it’s a lot worried about the fate of Raimundo. What happened to Uloa? On Captain Huertas found it shed where he was locked after kidnapping from the followers of Eulalia Castro. Where will it be

Huertas question Urutia, The right hand of Solozabal, who claimed responsibility for the factory accident years earlier. Rose and booty on paranoia, hallucinations and delusions. Tibursio he no longer knows how to get rid of на Estefania, who claims to be his killer. But he does not remember. He will therefore be forced to confess Dolores the alleged betrayal.

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