Saturday , September 19 2020

Bad weather, schools closed in Naples – Campania tomorrow


Following the warning of civil protection for high winds

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 11 NEW – Municipal Operations Committee of
Naples, which met this afternoon, examined the aspects
weather technicians, deciding upon the alarm
civil protection of the time parked and the city cemetery
remain closed. Even schools will be closed on the streets tomorrow
cautiously, regarding the particular strength of the winds
during the day.

They also recommend the Naples Joint Administration
be careful near trees and structures
vertical for possible fall of branches, trees, poles,
mark or scaffolding and, in any case, mark the eventual
uncertain stability of these elements, reporting them to
emergency numbers 112, 113, 115;
Permanent insurance or removal from
windows and balconies mobile elements such as plants, roofs,
temporary structures or any object that may be
carried away by the wind and watched caution in
displacements that limit what is needed. (ANSA).