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Bad weather in Tuscany, heavy night due to flooded roads. Specially supervised Arno


Bad weather in Tuscany (repertoire)
Bad weather in Tuscany (repertoire)

Florence, 17 November 2019 – New orange signal generates inconvenience and damage in Tuscany: rain drops all over Tuscany for most of Saturday. But late in the evening, as expected, the phenomenon intensified, with heavy rainfall over the entire lane between Maremma and Florence province.

Only the province of Grosseto, after a difficult day on Friday, he had to deal with the flood again. Great job for fire service teams across the province and the Grosseto command in particular. A. Capalbio two people are rescued in their car trapped in a flooded street. Wooden branches have been reported on various roads in the Monte Amiata, while due to the wind there are obstacles on the road in the area of ​​Istia de Obron, on the outskirts of Grosseto. The situation of Manciano remains the worst, with six roads closed late Saturday night due to flooding. I am Regional Road 74, Provincial Road 101, Provincial Road 159 Montemerano to Scanzano, Provincial Road Sholono between Saturnia and Pianetes, Provincial Road 32 between the Manzano border with Lazio, Charnese direction, the provincial road leading from Manzano to Vulci.

A. Florence and throughout the province of Arno is closely monitored. Around 2 o'clock, a decisive increase in the upstream level of the river was made. River hydrometric models currently predict "the possibility of overcoming the first critical level (3 meters to Uffizi) in the morning from Sunday with a further possible gradual increase is constantly monitored.

In the province, a Reggello, closed the road called "on the Arno embankments from Saturday 22 until the end of the critical period.

A. Pisa it worries him Arno situation. "We have just completed an operational meeting in the Prefecture – said Mayor Michele Conti – we are following the possible criticism that comes as a result of the orange warning about the timing of the hydraulic risk, referring to the Arno River. Civil protection models predict that Pisa will achieve it possible flood wave in the afternoon on Sunday, around 7:00 am, There will be another meeting at 6:00 am, where we will decide whether to implement a civil protection plan to deal with any emergencies that may arise from heavy rain which will appear tonight ".

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