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Bacterial chimera, two deaths in Reggio Emilia – Chronicle

Bacteri chimera, two dead in Reggio Emilia (archival photography)
Bacteri chimera, two dead in Reggio Emilia (archival photography)

Reggio Emilia, November 21, 2018 – Two people died this summer because of ainfection from Mycobacterium Chimera, al Hospital Salus on Reggio Emilia. For two other suspicious cases in Emilia Romagna checks are ongoing, while for a hundred folders (always at the same level), from 134, the survey must begin.

Mycobacterium chimera would cause 6 suspected deaths in Veneto. on contagion it would have happened through a specific one heart-lung machines.

In Veneto, the investigations are carried out by inspectors from the Region in the sanitary units, after the relatives of Paolo Demo, A 66-year-old anesthetist Vicenza who died on November 2 after an infection caused by a microwave "Chimera".

The cases of Reggio Emilia have been reported on Ministry of Health.

WHAT IS CHEMICAL MICROBABTER – According to the Ministry of Health, "a bacterium identified for the first time in 2004, widespread by nature, present primarily in drinking water and are generally not dangerous to human health. Invasive cases of M. chimaera have been found in Europe, and are not only related to the use of cooling / heating devices (heating-cooling devices, Hcd) that are necessary for regulating the blood temperature in the circulation of the circulation during interventions cardiac surgery, mainly due to contamination of the patient with aerosols from the water of the reservoirs of the device. The first identification of the case of infection associated with this type of device dates back to 2014, even if retrospective research could even recognize cases that happened earlier, starting in 2011. "

The incubation period after exposure to M. chimaera is long – with an average value of 17 months (range 3-72 months). "Signs and symptoms they are generally non-specific and include fatigue, fever and weight loss. There is no established therapy, and the mortality rate is about 50%. Currently, the size of the global epidemic is not exactly known. "

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