Thursday , September 24 2020

Audi A4 Avant, Why Buy It and Why Not


Until a few years ago they were a great classic, now they are almost exception. The carriages have experienced the advances of SUVs perhaps more than other bodybuilders, because before the advent of 'high-wheel drive' sisters, they were an emblem of practicality andfamily car.

Things have definitely changed, but they still exist hard core to clients who do not intend to give up on an old-fashioned family member, especially if there is one on the hood the prestigious mark. The Audi A4 is aimed at them Avant by 2019 it yes is being renewed to remain deeply one of the points of reference in its category. We find out in this #Why Buy It.

Advantages and disadvantages

If, generally, during mid-career updates, Houses simply change them "soft parts"and leave the body almost unchanged on the A4 Avant Things in 2019 definitely took a different direction. The front is new, very different from the previous one and in keeping with the latest stylish language of the four rings.

Looking at the side you can see how even the sheets are new: very effective lateral grooves above the wheel arches. Behind, now the feeling is the feel of the A6 Avant, with a large presence on the road. Today, more than ever, the design of the A4 Avant persuades, especially when combined with a color as vivid as that of the test and "pepper" look likeS-Line Edition.

Audi A4 Advance 2019
Audi A4 Advance 2019

Open the handle, get on the plane and dive into the best of "made in Ingolstadt"It looks like the cockpit of theflagship for taking care of the details, combinations and above all the feedback that each material or command transmits to touch, hearing and vision. Of course it has to be said that in order to reach these levels of recovery, one needs to put a hand on the wallet and draw the list of by choice for a fee: too much to pay separately, some of them in a car of this category and price, they should have be as standard as the rear view camera.

Audi A4 Advance 2019

Huge, regular and usable tree, in terms of load volume (talk about it 495 liters). The lid is very clever and retracts autonomously when the door is opened, but the fact that space is not organized beneath load plan. Sitting behind, in two, there is very little to complain about. There may not be room for stretching, but even longer trips will be comfortable. The speech changes three times, because central tunnel it's really very tricky.

Audi A4 Advance 2019
Audi A4 Advance 2019

It's not bad maneuvering in a car of this size (it's 4.7 meters long) but the toll that the A4 is on Avant shows its true nature, in fact quite declared: it is a true highway cruiser. on 2.0 turbo diesel our test, with a power of 190 hp, is able to provide first-rate fluidity thanks to a combination of 7 dual clutch gears, always sweet and fast. Even the sound insulation is very accurate, just think of the double glazing installed on the front.

Audi A4 Advance 2019

The structure is solid, maybe too much in the city on this 19 ”S-Line Edition, but compact enough to enhance the A4's dynamic qualities Avant also between the curves, where we can appreciate the steering variable calibration based on 5 driving modes which also affect the setting up and payment. Ice cream on the cake, all-wheel drive permanent quadrant: true, increases weight and consumption, but guarantees very high grip.

How much does it cost?

onThe price list opens with i 36,500 euros needed for the sedan, which become 37.100 euros for Avant in the default setting. The range is very wide for engines and fittings. At the top there more "push" S4, of about 75,000 euros, and RS4 which starts from 90,000. This without thinking about packages and options, which we must not forget Tour again, with assistive driving devices.

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