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Arcelor Mittal, Conte tries the latest brokerage (but prepares Plan B). Trade union alarm

Arcelor Mittal, Conte tries the latest brokerage (but prepares Plan B). Trade union alarm

Specify Arcelor Mittal to stay in Taranto, with instruments such as the penal shield, a set of social security networks for over two thousand workers, a wage discount and the possibility of Cassa depositi e prestiti joining the shareholding. This is the latest attempt the government is preparing to make for the former Ilva, as unions rise on barricades and inducement companies threaten to pull back workers and the doorman block.

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Ilva, rescue plan: from KDP to redundancy, Conte restarts at Mittal

Prime Minister Usuespe Conte is due to see the heads of the French-Indian company this week, but an official date seems to be out there and Palazzo Figi's mouth is up: every aspect of the dossier is examined and the table will be there when the prime minister , government sources explain, there will be every element. But more than one minister says he is convinced that with Mittal there is no other way than the court. If that were the case, Plan B would come into play to prevent the blast furnace and production from stopping.

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And the only "Plan B" is possible, we argue in qualified technical environments, is a bridge for nationalization of steel mills, waiting to find a new buyer. Earlier this week revealed the Il Sol 24 ore, the executive will meet with Ernst & Young consultants who worked on the procurement of British Steel by Chinese Jingye: only an interview, but fed the suggestions of those signify their Chinese shareholders a possible solution (Indians would be less interested than Indians). However, the process would be simple. On the one hand there is a risk that nationalization, albeit temporary, will lead to a European infringement procedure.

Pensions from 2021 remain at the age of 67 for departure

On the other hand, we need to identify the transition management (Meph would instruct the director to find the profile of a possible commissioner) and then give the consortium time (also in this case Cdp input) to be formed. However, the criminal shield remains an obstacle – according to Confindustria Vincenzo Boxia and former Minister Carlo Calenda. "Nobody invests if they risk arrest," Bokia said. The topic, according to M5s Minister Stefano Patanueli, does not appear. But Democratic Party Minister Francesco Bokia, on the contrary, says "the shield is not a problem because it has already been put on the table by the compact government." According to M5 sources: "Our position does not change," they say.

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And that is the opposite, though he is ready to discuss whether Conte will present it as a last resort. There remains the risk that senators are patrolling the M5 vote, however, he warns. "First Mittal sits at the table," said Luigi Di Mayo, who proposes to wait for the judges to decide on the emergency commissioners' appeal. But in the majority, in a climate infested with justice (a summit is scheduled for Tuesday), the maneuver, until July salts, the former case of Ilva threatens to explode at any moment. The "Taranto Shipyard" requested by Conte is due to arrive at the Council of Ministers. But in the moment's uncertainty, the call is still missing. Anything can happen between Wednesday and Thursday. While in Berlin on Tuesday, the prime minister will see Angela Merkel with whom she has already discussed the topic of steel in Rome last week. The unions, which, according to some sources, could also turn to Quirinale, maintain high alarm and pressure on the government.

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Wilm's secretary, Rocco Palombella, urges Mittal "to stop the process, to allow the government and the unions to start negotiations". Francesca Re David, FOSIM's secretary general, says that "the only really viable solution is to stay in Mittal" and at any rate tells workers that workers will refuse to exclude plants. If the Indian francs do not pay the invoices, supply industry companies will withdraw workers in the next few hours. And truckers do not exclude the entry and exit gates of goods. A national demonstration can be held in Rome to say that with each passing day, the situation is becoming dramatic.

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