Tuesday , March 31 2020


He missed a week of a difficult challenge with Atalanta and we do not deny, he is a little upset about Miralem Pjanic's situation. The player left the pitch yesterday in pain after twenty minutes from the end of the match against Italy, touching the assist. The Bosnian then explained in a post-match that his exit was also on a level of caution.

Words of Miralem – "I have had previous problems with the supplier in the past few weeks and I hope to be released in time to prevent further problems. I felt pain, but I hope it's not serious, "Pjanic said.

Anxiety – There is little concern among Bianconeri fans. The midfielder is, in fact, essential to Maurizio Surrey's plans and his absence in the tough Bergamo would be difficult. However, this is not the first problem, as the stakeholder himself says, and this preaching is to make the most of the case's absolute caution. The ideal, however, would be an immediate return to Turin to work in optical recovery without overburdening the delicate situation.

THE WORLD – an indispensable element with Massimiliano Allegri, Pjanic developed further with Maurizio Surrey, becoming one of the essential elements, one of over 100 touches. Surrey would like at least 150 of them to compete, but today we are far from that result. Anyway, when we see Pianic missing, we noticed him with Genova in Lecce's last match, the one in which Pianic stopped.

Other elements of the rose are dense, but none have the speed of thinking and vision for Pjanic's play.

Turin hopes the anxiety is temporary, but an immediate return to Piedmont would help a lot.

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