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And how much cholesterol are you?

(by Nikola Simometi) To get acquainted with him are few except those whose data are a nightmare, the risk of disease risk (hypercholesterolaemia) because too much blood cholesterol sooner or later can result in a cardiovascular event (heart attack, stroke with different weight). Prevention is strict. Life style is important, "says a study in the United States, agreeing with Love Love Love in The Beatles. It helps.

"Being informed is the same as having more health." The scientific community that spoke at the American Cardiologists Conference in Chicago reiterates that high cholesterol, at any age, exponentially increases cardiovascular risk and recommends adopting a healthy lifestyle and regular measurement of blood cholesterol levels for men over 40 years of age, and for women over 45 years old, who do not have a risk of back pain. Otherwise, if they are there, the strategy must be armed waiting, checking by the doctor as needed. In this case, starting at age 25.

There is, then, part of the subjects born cholesterolemic and, for them, separating strategies, ad personam.

Today – says prof. Alberico Catapano (University Pharmacologist, Milan – Basic Prevention Strategies play a key role in the issue of cardiovascular risk.) The early action is fundamental. "

Unfortunately – says prof. Matteo Pirro, director of internal medicine, University of Perugia – hypercholesterolemia does not show obvious signs, does not cause symptoms and a subject with high parameters, does not know, a horse that can lead to a heart attack, stroke, and so on. In this scenario, quick and easy measurement tools are useful, as – says Matteo Suras (Milan) – My Test. "

"Precious, as well – continues Professor Pyrrhus – questions the nurrohemics and makes a fortune of phytosterols, barbers, fermented red rice, chitosan, garlic, milk enzymes (probiotics). Their combination increases the effectiveness of the individual as it happens for preparation of fermented red rice, barberry arista, polycosanol, folic acid, coenzyme Q10, artaxanthin.

Today, information is easily accessible even at home, thanks to the My Test test, which allows the semicytical determination of total cholesterol by examining a drop of finger on the finger (as it is done for blood sugar). Quick responses to orientation and confirmation / modification of lifestyle, diet, exercise and drug use.

The test has a "bulb effect" that occurs when something is wrong, orientation self-check that in the event of an abnormality triggers an alarm.

Desired cholesterol levels are 200 mg / dl. Up to 240 is in a moderate risk group and is oriented to a repeat of the laboratory test (the test with the test result is 98%) for medical advice, modification of the behavior of food, life or regression of drugs. Over 240, you will enter the high risk area. Ask your doctor immediately.

This behavior can prevent up to 80% of cardiovascular diseases.

The IQVIA survey showed that "especially those over 65 are more attentive to health (70%) and are prone to prevention through screening and control (65%). But of them, less than 1 in 4 countries, however, to can solve their health problems that 8 out of 10 would like to achieve. About 3 million Italians (2 out of 3 are women) use anti-cholesterol as dietary supplements, but only 1 in 3 of them buy after talking with their doctor For others, the pharmacist – says Achille Galina Tochi, president of the Federal Emilia R. – becomes a wise pawn of information and essential orientation.

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