Sunday , September 20 2020

Amazon Echo Dot at FlashWindow from MediaWorld for € 19


Vezio Senicola

MediaWorld's new bomb offer arrives as the day draws to a close. At the online store of the well-known chain, there were big discounts on the devices Amazon Echo Dot, today already protagonists of various offers on Amazon itself.

However, the price of MediaWorld is even lower: only € 19.99 for 3rd Generation Echo Point, available in all colors. But beware, there's more! Even the new one Echo point with a clock digital is the best price ever seen, ie 29,99 €.

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We leave you with the following link to access the pages of each product at the official MediaWorld store. Some users have reported us the difficulties during the purchase, with prices not shown corrected at the time of payment. Our advice is yes please try again after a few minutes, but there may be problems with availability for some colors.

All of the products described may undergo price and availability changes over time, so we always advise you to check these parameters before you buy them.




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