Thursday , September 24 2020

Amazon Black Friday 2019: how to find the best discounts


Also this year Amazon offers will multiply on occasion Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, two dates dedicated to uninterrupted shopping that will fall respectively on November 29 and December 2, 2019. For tech lovers, a second appointment is likely to be more fun, but throughout the promotion, including the weekend that separates the two dates and the days before Black Friday, there will be tons of monitors, televisions, gaming devices, smartphones and other devices we'll scan together to look for the most interesting deals between daily offers, timely offers, and WOW offers, for a limited time only valid while stocks last. Of course it won't be easy to find someone in the chaos of growth, lows, favorable offers, less favorable offers and sometimes marked price differences between platforms sold directly from the platform and those offered for sale by outside vendors, but The network offers useful tools to help you compare bids, evaluate price trends and measure the right amount of discounts. here how to find the best deals during the Amazon Black Black 2019.

Some Amazon services allow you to get one the benefits, also applies during the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Masses, with a series of related initiatives designed to follow one another during the current month. Amazon Prime, also available as a free trial, is one of these and also guarantees the use of Prime Video, Amazon's streaming service. Prime Student, on the other hand, allows access to Amazon Prime for 90 days, thanks to the sponsorship of Microsoft Surface. Includes a discount on the annual service ranging from € 36 to € 18 for a maximum of 4 years or until graduation.

  • Accessories for Amazon
    The Amazon app for iOS and Android takes first priority and should be available by December 31, 2019, and 10 Euro voucher which can be very helpful given the discounts on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. It also lets you check out important promotions on the go, including recent WOW offers, with limited duration and stock exhaustion. But Amazon's most powerful tool is undoubtedly found in advanced search that appears to the left as soon as you search, or use the appropriate bar or select one of the categories in the drop down menu at the top left. Among the options available, many of which help to identify the desired items at the most appropriate price, we have the option of selecting a particular store, specific brand, average rating, price range, seller, shipping method and any membership in the used or reviewed categories.

  • Keepa
    Page from Keepa offers shows all real Amazon discounts, differentiated by country, but most notable is the widespread browser extension that shows, with an integrated chart directly on the Amazon site, very easy to consult, the price trend of a particular item, including time offers. It supports, among other things, all major browsers, namely Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge, offers us a wide range of customization capabilities and a tool that allows us to track product from minimum two weeks to maximum two years and alerts us via email, subject free registration if the item in question reaches the price we desire. It also allows you to create a wish list, or import it from Amazon, and set a specific number for new items and used counterparts, taking into account variables such as shipping cost and availability of Premier service. Finally, it allows to see all other versions of an item, which indicates the specific price of each variant.

  • CamelCamelCamel
    Like Keepa, CamelCamelCamel is a tool used by those seeking Amazon offers. Also in this case we find a list of best offers real, differentiated by country and also by product type, enriched with a clear distinction between the best prices at the moment and the lowest so far, at least in terms of the Effef Bezos platform. It also allows you to import lists of Amazon listings and makes you miss an extension for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to consult price history of each product through a differentiated graph, like Keepa's, between products sold directly by Amazon and products sold by third parties. The number of options is not as wide as that of other extensions, but it guarantees the ability to remove extreme values ​​by clicking, dodging a few scams, and selecting a convenient slider for the price history period we want to display. In addition, even in this case, subject to free registration, there is a system that alerts us by email when the product arrives at the price we set.

  • Computer Parts Selector
    Those who are looking for a business to assemble a new computer can find a computer section called "Computer Selector", a portal that not only allows you to track prices on almost anyone all hardware components existing by sending an email as soon as these drops, but allows us with a few clicks to select those that are compatible with each other, avoiding the possibility of wrong purchases. The site's rich database is linked, among other things, to an avalanche of user-created configurations, each accompanied by photos, explanations, and technical data that can be very helpful in finding ideas and deciding on what type of building to strive for. Finally, to make it even more complete, we find a page with all the latest price drops and a price chart on each product page. Also, in this case the registration is optional and serves only to receive a warning when the product reaches the price that is most difficult for us.

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