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Alitalia another Ilva ready to explode: new extension or liquidation

Position of Atlantia
According to Atlanta, this is insufficient to regard Delta as a true industry partner that gives the company firmness and growth prospects. Atlantis also considers the space Delta to Alitalia offers to North America and the new transatlantic joint venture Blue Heavens, which also includes Air France-KLM and Virgin Atlantic, insufficient. Alitalia would only be a second-level member. The closure of the spaces to Alitalia, according to authoritative sources, is actually dictated by Air France-KLM, the occult Delta Partner that moves behind the scenes and prefers to divert traffic from Italy to Paris for intercontinental flights instead of allowing A's to face direct flights from Ciomichino or Malpensa. Delta explained that some limitations on Alitalia's role were due to the "restructuring phase" and that there would be some improvements after Cooyko's constitution. But this is not enough for Atlanta.

Concession of the Expressway
This is where Benetton's main concern comes into play. It is to save the lucrative concession of Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia that the M5S wanted to revoke after the collapse of Ponte Morandi (43 dead). The new PD-M5S government has softened the tone of the controversy with the Benettons, the program speaks of a "revision" of highway concessions, the word "seizure" is no longer used. But no matter how it goes, the Benetonians would want a written guarantee for Autostrade before committing to Alitalia. This is why Treviso's people supported Lufthansa. Their renewed interest has allowed them to spend more time negotiating which Atlanta entered, unofficially, but very intensively, by the end of March, but has demanded more and more time and said the conditions offered by the Delta were not sufficient.

Lufthansa's proposal
The Germans have never changed their stance on the proposal introduced even in April 2018, when the government of Paolo Gentiloni was still in existence and the government of Carlo Calendas was in place. "Before the restructuring, then you can enter the capital" is Lufthansa's message. And ad Karsten Sfor repeated these days, despite rumors of Germans' willingness to invest up to 150-200m in Alitalia iauko. "First, there must be a restructuring of Alitalia. Only then can we consider it an investment in the company, "Sfor said.

Technological excess
In fact, however, Lufthansa has made no commitment to invest immediately in Newuco, as requested by the board of directors of HS and also of Atlanta, in the October 15th copy resolution. The Germans would like a restructuring agreement signed between Alitalia's commissioners and the unions, citing redundancies. Only after this deal do they say they would be ready to assess the stock market. The original plan of the Germans, according to rumors, predicts 5-6,000 redundancies, of the total staff of 11,500 in Alitalia. The HS-Delta plan envisions 2,500 to 2,800 surpluses. Officially, Lufthansa spoke of 3,000 redundancies last February, a figure recently circulated during contact with Atlanta. According to sources close to the dossier, the hypothesis of 3,000 redundancies would, however, come from Atlanta's proposal to mitigate the German plan and apply not only to the entire perimeter of Alitalia, but only to the flight crew and part of the central offices (total of about 7,500-8,000 employees).

Operation and maintenance
Maintenance and operation activities at Fimichino airports will remain beyond the computation of technology redundancies, with approximately 3,000-3,500 employees. And what would these end up with? Lufthansa would not specify this. The handling operators may be partially absorbed by Airports di Roma or another company of the German group providing airport services (Switzerland), but even before the transfer there would be rationalization or cuts. Thus, the actual number of redundancies with German medicine can be traced back to the level of 5-6,000, stated in the original plan.

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