Tuesday , September 22 2020

"Afternoon 5", former Velino Pierpaolo Parelli revealed what his new flame is (we already saw it in "Men and Women")! (Video)


After a tumultuous connection with Cuban shows Adriana Romero of which he had a child, Pierpaolo Pretelli they seem to have finally turned the page.

But what surprised the public today Afternoon 5 and hostess Barbara D & # 39; Urso is that the girl who kidnapped the heart of the former veil of Remove the news it's not bad Jay Lily, the daughter of the famous singer-songwriter Carlo and sister on Jasmine (what we told you about HERE). Pierpaoloin fact, after seeing the service he saw again in disbelief in the duo's blonde Ace and Jay It kept us from pointing out: "Actually between me and Hey There is nothing left, it is already over and in the meantime something else has started … there is something! “.

Intrigued by the answer, or Barbara that some of the guests insisted on knowing the name of wealth, and so on Pretelli he unbuttoned himself saying that he had been visiting for some time Geneva Lambrushi, A fashion blogger and former flame of Nicole Battery that we already saw in the court of Marko Cartagena to Men and women: "We're not really engaged, we have half history, we're at the beginning! Let's say it's a date, but when she heard that I'd come here today, she told me not to try and say I'm single! “ (HERE his words!).

In short, if they are roses, they will bloom between them Pierpaolo and Geneva, Assumptions seem to be all there! Do you want as a couple?

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